Mrs. Gardiner's Class

By Mrs. Gardiner's First Graders

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Mrs. Gardiner

by Aadam, Quinton, Ruwaid, Likhith, Kai, Avery

Mrs. Gardiner likes to teach us when we give her sweet treats. Mrs. Gardiner likes to teach us about math and reading. We do lots of math and reading. Mrs. Gardiner's favorite color is teal and she loves sweets and cashews. She loves sea otters and she wants to go to the Oregon Zoo to see them. Mrs. Gardiner has a baby and she is 9 months old. Her name is CC (Cecilia) and she is allergic to cashews.

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Our Class

by Vinisha, Emmy, Jonathan, Shaurya, Max, Lachlan

We make how-to books in our class and we write all about stuff. We don't want to leave Mrs. Gardiner's class. We want to stay in first grade forever! We earn 10 stars we get a habitat and 10 more stars we get a pet. Our favorite thing is class pets, recess, and lunch. A favorite time is the calendar and you get to color on the chart. You color the paper and start counting how many days we have in school.

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by Jo, Logan, Ruthwikksai, Mia

We get out our measurement packets and then we go on Dreambox. We usually do daily math. We finished volume II in daily math. We were learning groups of more and groups of less. We were putting numbers in the middle. We were putting + signs and - signs. In Dreambox there is fun stuff like math games.

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by Jeremiah, Natalia, Charlie, Tarush

I wrote a book about cats. I wrote a book about rhinos. I wrote about dinosaurs, bees, owls, and Uranus. I wrote about VR's, bees, and owls. We had a celebration and Kindergarteners came. We read them our book.

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By VV, Alivia, Ashlyn

Make a fort and go inside and do flashlight reading. In reading I am B2 and I am reading all about space books and mouse in the house and the ocean. I am reading my room book.

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by Max, Kai, Carson

We started with seeds and soil. Mine grew in seven days. It had a stem. We see leave. We have to give it water to grow. It needs soil or dirt or sun.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.