Samurai and Bushido

In 794 the emperor moved the capital from Nara to nearby Heian-Kyo on the site of present day Kyoto. He was still ruling in name, but the real power remained in the hands of the Fujiwara clan. The government was returning to the decentralized system. With the decline of central power, local aristocrats took justice into their own hands. They went for more of a forceful approach. these soldiers were to protect their employers at all time and they were called samurai. The samurai fought in full armor, and carried a famous sword called the Katana. The Samurai followed a strict code called Bushido.

Samurai and the impact it left on the time period

The emperor of that time period was a tyrant and oppressed his people. He used the samurai as his military force and they were very effective. They were very important figures in Japanese history and left a significant mark on society.

Diary of a Samurai

Today I was forced to beat up a prisoner against my will. The prisoner only did a mild offence, but my general wanted to make an impression on the town that misdemeanors wont be tolerated. I have to do what my general tells me, because if I dont I would be going against my warrior code, and i would be punished.