About Quintin


About me

Hi my name is Quintin Hocking, I am currently in 7th grade and I am enjoying it. Some of my hobbies are football, baseball, hanging out with my family, friends, Swimming and playing the Oboe. My position in Football is HB or Half back, in Baseball I play multiple posiitions my primary positian is catcher, next is center fielder. The reason I love hanging out with my family is because they are simpily amazing and so supportive! My friends..... how do I put this well there like family to me we give each other crap as in joke around and we treat each other like we are family this makes us much closer. My top friends are my brother Josh, Noah Karpelenia, Trey Brandonberg, and last but not least Charlie Rindy. I love to swim because I love water I do not swim competitively. Playiong the Oboe is a hard job it is the hardest instrument to play due to the double reed and i have been playing it for about 4 years.

Things that I am really good at :)

Football is my specialty then comes Baseball which is my second specialty in both of these I prefer to be considered one of the best but in order for any one to be the best it takes alot of hard work and dedication. I am also good at Call Of Duty i am sponsered by youtube I am currently working on getting into mashinima which pays you to play Playstaion or Xbox. I am exellent in English,Mathmatics, and Science those three happen to be my favorite classes.
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