Tech Tuesday

5 ways to use Google Forms in reading workshop

Remind me: What are Google Forms?

With Google Forms, you can make a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, organized way. The forms can be connected to spreadsheets in GoogleSheets and student responses will automatically be sent to the spreadsheet for you to view. Here are 5 ways you could use them in reading workshop:

#1: Learn About Student Reading Habits

At the start of the year, we like to get to know who our students are as readers. We sometimes have them write for us what their favorite genre is, or where they like to read and why. Google Forms is a great way to gather this information for the teacher with the option of sharing it with class.

#2: Reading Notebook Self Assessments

Conferring with students about their reading notebooks is great but it is nice to see how they assess themselves as well. Using a Form to ask questions about the strategies they are using, their stamina and/or volume within their notebooks, or what response they are most proud of is a great way to see how they feel they are doing compared to your expectations. Click on the link to see an example of a form I used in my classroom.

#3: Quick Check Reading Responses

Use a form as a quick check for comprehension for read aloud. It can be as simple as two questions or an entire story assessment with questions to assess monitoring for meaning, accumulation of text, envisioning and prediction skills, and the ability to interpret the text.

Once all students have submitted their responses, you as the teacher can open the responses spreadsheet and easily check to see how students are doing and use that information to drive your instruction.

#4: Reading logs

You can set up a Form with name, title, author, pages read, etc. and students will fill it out each night as they read. All of the log information will come to you and you can organize it by the student's name.

#5: Conferring

While I prefer the ease of Evernote for conferring, you can also use Google Forms for conferring. In this case, you would be the one filling out the form as you speak to the student or immediately after. The nice part of forms is that you can set your form up with fields and standards and all of the information comes back to you in the spreadsheet. You can then organize your information by date, by student, or however you like. Here is an example: