Book report by-Noah Boyd

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Shane's life went from being rich and having everything he wanted, to barley being able to pay rent and having just his mom and sister left after their dad shot himself.

During one of Shane's first high school baseball games, his dad gets arrested. Then when Shane goes home, all these police are there looking and taking files from their home. A few days later their dad shoots himself. Shane his mom and sister are told by the police that he was helping with drug dealers by being the middle man. So with his dad's death they were forced to move because they didn't have a lot of money. The next year when Shane started school again but at his new school. He made friends with the wrong people and started stealing beer and drinking it but got arrested and had to do 20 hours of community services repairing a baseball diamond. He didn't play baseball again until his junior year and hit a player in the side of the head with a pitch. Later on that summer he helped the player he hit get better batting and the player helped him regain his confidence in pitching. Shane's senior year he helped his team get to the state championship game, but had to play the team he used to play for and had to pitch to the player he hit in the head, but struck him out and then was offered a scholarship to pitch for Portland's college.

4 questions

  1. What I most enjoyed about the book was that it was about baseball
  2. The book was really well written because it always kept you interested
  3. The end of the book wasn't the best because it left you hanging and it doesn't have a second book so you have to guess what happens next
  4. I would really only recommend this book to people that get into baseball, because that what it is about and if you don't like baseball then you wouldn't like this book