Greek Government


In Greece, the voted for a new leader every 50 years. But then they reduced it down it 10, then finally 6. Some famous Greek leaders were Alexander the Great, and Pericles. Aristole was a philosopher but was looked at and resoected as a leader. He was also the one that divided the government.

Major Wars

Greeks defeated the Persians in naval battle, Trojan war, Lelantine war, first sacred war, Greco- Punic war, Persian wars, Decelean war, and peloponnesian war.

Three ways the Greeks influenced our society is

Different types of government.

In Ancient Greece there were tyrannies, democracies, monarchies, and oilgarchies.

Citizens Duties

The men would almost always be in the military and if they were not, they would be at the theater watching productions. Women on the other hand would be doing house chores and talking care of the children.