Monday April 12

Theme 8 Week 1 Farm Animals

Spring Pictures

If you would like Spring pictures of your child, remote students will be photographed beginning at 8:45 and ending at 9:15

Greeting Circle

The songs below are what we use for our greeting circle. Your student will use these every morning to get ready for the day.

You will review the STAR, BALLOON, DRAIN, and PRETZEL breathing activities. Pick one to do for the day after reviewing them.

Commitment for the week: Have your child pick which commitment they would like to try for the day: Helping Hands, using My Big Voice, Listening Ears, Kind Words






On The Rug
Preschool Pledge of Allegiance - LittleStoryBug
Texas Pledge of Allegiance

Morning Message

Parent Write the morning message on a sheet of paper large enough for your child to be able to circle and underline letters.

Animals begins with A.

  • Read the words in each sentence.
  • Count the number of words in their sentence.
  • Identify letter a in the sentence.
Phonics (Rhyming Words)
Do They Rhyme? [Version 1] (song for kids about rhyming words)

Moving and Learning

Singing in the Rain Song ♫ Original Kids Version ♫ Kid Songs by The Learning Station & Dream English
Farmer In The Dell ♫ Nursery Rhymes for Kids ♫ Farm & Brain Breaks Songs ♫ by The Learning Station


Farm Animals









Take picture walk through the book talk about the animals that you see and what a farmers job is on a farm.

Farm Animals

Remember the username and password are both parent


We have now covered all letters. Continue daily practice with all letters. Your child should be naming the letters and saying the sound that the letter makes.

Letters of the Week A,F,P,HG,N

Build a KWL chart about farms and farm animals.

K= What do you know about farms and farm animals?

W=What do you want to know about farms and farm animals?

L= What have you learned about farms and farm animals? ( Wait until later on in the week to fill in this part of the chart. You can add to this at the end of each day.)

how to use a KWL

Daily Literacy Practice

  1. writing your name (first and last)
  2. practice saying the letters and sounds of the letters when someone points to the letters in random order
  3. Review flashcards for letters that you have already covered from previous weeks.
  4. Find things in your house that start with each letter we have studied.
  5. Play a memory game matching uppercase and lowercase letters using the flashcards that you have made.
  6. Choose 2 -3 letters and make groups of items in your house that start with those sounds.
  7. build 3 letter words and practice reading them. Ex: cat, bat, bug. rug


Identifying Numbers 1-20 and counting groups 1-10


like objects to use for counting

number flashcards for numbers 1-20


practice identifying numbers in mixed orders and counting out groups of objects up to 10.

Identifying Numbers 1 20


Story Time

Read Aloud | A Farmer's Life for Me

Rest Time


Mrs. Guy's Field Trip to the Farm!