Michael Jackson

By: Andres Valdez

King of Pop

Many see Michael Jackson as a singer, but he had more talent than that. He invented a famous dance called, " The Moon Walk" in which he performed in every concert. Many try to enhance that move, but it is almost impossible. His nickname "King of Pop," was conformed when he was the major pop singer of the 1980's. Jackson also influenced many bands to continue their young talent. He was the small kick that pushed "The Beatles" into the famous world.

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Michael Jackson performing this famous move called " The Moonwalk" for the first time in a concert.

Jackson's Early Life

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. He enjoyed listening to music since a small age. His dad Joe Jackson was a professional guitar player, that's where Michael started listening and learning about music. At the age of only five, he decided to join his siblings band. This included two of his brothers and another two of his sister. Unsurprisingly, Michael was the singer of the talented band named " The Jackson 5." He had made fans since a young student. Jackson graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School. Though, he had already accomplished a couple songs that were written by him.

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Michael Jackson takes a picture in the early 1970's

Musical Accomplishments

Most of you probably have heard many of Michael Jackson popular song, though he had a lot more accomplishments during his career. This included writing 32 songs that influenced the whole world. He created an album named " Thriller," which was the world's best-selling album in history. In which he earned around 3 billion dollars. Something that he also accomplished " The Moonwalk," concealed of a dancing move that many want to use. Musical Grammy's have existed since 1973, in 1984 Michael Jackson earned eight Grammy's in one night.

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Michael Jackson's famous quote went throughout the whole inspiring real people.

Michael Jackson's Concerts

Michael Jackson was on many concerts all around the world. In total, he accomplished 14 concerts during his career. As before, his siblings were a big part in concerts too. They participated in six concerts together. Only three concerts were not with his siblings participating. Since Jackson was very famous all around the world, he had a concert in every continent except Antarctica.
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Michael Jackson inspires people to enjoy a loved life.

Where is he now?

Michael Jackson was an important person to many, and his death went throughout the whole world. He now rests in Los Angeles, where his beloved parents (Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson) have him in their heart among many in the world.