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January 22, 2015

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6:30 PM (students should arrive by 6:00 PM)

ALL PRIS students are imperative to our concert’s success. If your student(s) cannot attend the concert, please let me know as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Students should dress in “nice” clothing. Some options are blouses, skirts, dresses, dress pants, nice shorts, button down shirts, etc. If you do not have these, please don’t worry as I’m very Qlexible on this.

Students can Qind practice videos on the YouTube page. All home practice helps students perform their best in the concert.

Annie, Jr. rehearsals are in full swing. For a copy of the rehearsal calendar, rehearsal audio tracks or general information, visit the blog or the Annie, Jr. folder on Google Drive.

Check-­‐out the PRIS Music & Library blog at:

and the YouTube page at:

A letter from Mr. Seamus Marriott...

Hello Everyone,

Last week we had a fabulous Friendship Games (more below) and this week we held our Annual Holiday Bazaar. At the Bazaar our students had a

great time shopping for small gifts while our Student Council members

were busy selling their donated bake goods. We extend our thanks to Ibu

Imelda for her work in coordinating the bazaar, to our Student Council

members for planning their bake sale to support future projects and to all

of you who donated baked goods. Bravo for a real community effort!


One of the realities overseas, especially in international schools, is having

to say good bye to people in our lives more often than we would like to. We

know we live transient lives, but having students and families step away

from the world we know to begin new adventures in other parts of the

globe, is never an easy task for any of us. The following members of our

PRIS Community are leaving and will not be returning in January: The Do

Family of Minh Tran and their parents Hai Anh and Van Canh as well as

Sebastian Perez and his parents Erika & Jose. It goes without saying that

we will miss each of you. We extend a heartfelt good bye, send our sincere

best wishes as you begin your new school and hope that you have

cherished memories of your time with us at PRIS.

Next week is our last week of classes before we begin our December

Break. The time leading up to breaks is always busy for everyone with

plenty on the “to-do” lists. We hope you can take some time out to join us

for our PRIS Concert in the PRCC Auditorium on Wednesday evening Dec.



at 6:30pm.


On Thursday, Dec 18


we will have an assembly beginning at 11:15AM

followed by dismissal at noon. We will be bidding farewell to our departing

families, sharing in some holiday songs and keeping our fingers crossed

that Santa might have time to join us. Please feel free to attend and be

part of our celebration.


Best Wishes and Happy Holidays