Meet The STAR!

Leah Hermesch!

Booking January - Words To Say!

Hi Jane, today's the day! Our Spring Collection just launched! It's by far, above and beyond, my favorite collection EVER. You have to check it out. (insert your website here). Take a look and I'm so curious...what are a few of your faves?

....then when she writes back you can do one of a few things...
1. Invite her to your open house!
2. Invite her to get her girlfriends together
"I know...isn't that necklace fabulous. Did you know it could be yours for free, just for getting your girlfriends together for a few hours of sipping and shopping? I'll bring the jewels and spring collection, you break out a bottle of wine and we're set! I could do x day? Let me know what you think.....I promise a fun night and you'll friends will love you for getting them out of the house! xoxo"

Shining the LIGHT ON LEAH!

Leah Hermesch....what can I say other than I LOVE YOU! I watched Leah walk into our Soiree last night and she was greeted by so many stylists with love and hugs! She's been a stylist for years and although she doesn't live in KC our local community LOVES it when she comes to an event. She's just that girl - always smiling, always providing joy, and always positive. Other stylists just LOVE to be around her. She's got that special spark to her that i just LOVE. She hit Star in November....and then did it again in December. She's been a top seller in her small community for years. It has to be the most stylish community in America! Leah always brings guests to our events and her joy and love for Stella & Dot makes her so incredibly successful. Leah I am so glad you are part of our team. Ashley Jones and I are SO proud of you and what you've done with your business. You are so bright and I just ADORE you! Congrats on your success in 2015...I have a feeling 2016 is going to be HUGE for you! xoxo - Tara

All About Leah!

My Gift:
A beautiful throw to cover up with after you get home from a great trunk show :)

My Bio and WHY:
I joined S&D in June 2011 after having my third daughter. My husband knew I needed something for "me" but it had to be flexible enough to work with his demanding job...and I immediately fell in love with the jewels :) I can't imagine myself anywhere else right now and feel very fortunate to be able to spoil my family (and myself!) while sharing this fabulous style and being part of a great community. I love the opportunity S&D provides and I'm looking forward to working with my team to help them focus on their 2016 why!

My 2016 Goal:
Spread happiness! This starts with consistency...always following up with customers, always sharing the opportunity, always striving to make someone happier than when we first met.

Follow up with your customers - you are building relationships!
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