Staying Tough

Hope Cruger

Homer's Adventure

Homer P. Figg's brother Harold was illegally sold to the army after a tough argument with their uncle squint. Homer couldn't just let Harold go without putting up a fight so he followed a trail to find his way to his brother... though there were some barriers in the way. Homer took an old horse to go find Harold and was surprised to find two men named Stink and Smelt who captured him and used him to get information from a Quaker house. After lying about the information and getting some help from a friend Homer escaped Stink and Smelt. He then received help and a mentor from the Quaker house owners and started his journey to the battlefield. He lost his mentor, became a pig boy, joined a circus and flew off in a hot air balloon but he still managed to reach his brother in the middle of a war. Homer had so many problems and bumps in the road but found a solution to all of them including running through a battlefield and never giving up trough thick and thin.

Rudy's Comeback

Rudy Ruettiger is a 20 year old who wants to be different from his family who all works together in a family business. His lifelong goal is to make it in to Notre Dame college and become a football player on the fighting Irish. Rudy was never someone who achieved a lot in school he was more of the person who held back and would prefer to daydream, but when the opportunity to join a college came along Rudy took it knowing that it would lead to pursuing his dream to join Notre Dame. Rudy got a tutor to help him with school, a job that that paid him minimum wage and found a place to sleep until he could buy his own home. After three college applications were declined Rudy's last chance was closer then he thought. He worked harder then ever in school and was finally accepted. Though, this wasn't the end just yet, Rudy had to try out for the football team and with his hard work and effort showing through he claimed a spot. Claiming a spot meant nothing if he couldn't play and in the last seventeen seconds of the last football game he would play for Notre Dame the entire stadium chanted helping Rudy get in his first football game ever. His ambition and effort ended in a successful senior year.

Laura Beth Never Gives Up

Laura Beth want to more people to start recycling to save our environment and live in a healthier climate.

1. Laura started with her own family and friends and encouraged them to recycle

2. Many people declined her request for them to recycle

3. Laura wouldn't give up after just a few people refusing to help her

4. Laura eventually had a whole crowd of people who joined with her to help the environment.

No one could stop Laura from accomplishing her goal and becoming the person she is today and she can inspire us all to be better people.

Journey Through the Paper Towns

Margo Roth Speigleman is described as Quentin's miracle, even though he doesn't have a strong relationship with her and they keep their distance at school. But in just one day her life becomes a mystery that only Quentin can solve. The night before her disappearance, Margo went on a trip to eleven different places with Quentin after climbing through his window in the middle of the night and forcing him to come with her. They got revenge on Margo's ex boyfriend and ex friends and even broke into sea world. The day after her adventure Margo was suddenly gone but since her disappearing was normal her parents told Quentin how she always leaves clues. Quentin found the clues and teamed up with some friends to go on a journey to reach Margo and that's what they did. Over the journey Quentin realized that he was wrong about Margo. She wasn't just some popular it-girl that never noticed a "band geek" like Quentin. She was adventurous and wild and unstoppable. She was the miracle Quentin always thought of her as, but not the one who was just known for being pretty she was now known for being herself, her crazy, funny and outrageous self.