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Module 12: Touring and Merchandising *Due Sunday, May 1
Module 12.3: Going On The Road Assignment
Module 12.7: Design Your Own T-Shirt

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Planning a Concert Tour

Is your band ready to start touring?

Well if you think you are be sure to get a plan together, as there is a lot involved to do it, and do it well!

Here's a checklist to explore whether you are even ready yet:

1) Does your band have enough song material ready to perform? (Probably need at least 10 songs ready to go.)
2) Why is your band touring? A new CD to promote? Does your band have CD copies?
3) Does your band perform in a lot local clubs/venues to show you have a strong fan base that will buy tickets when you go on the road?
4) Do your band members get along well enough to survive being around each other 24/7?
5) What is the band's true purpose for touring? Better exposure, making more money, or something else.?

Let's take a moment to examine the truth behind that last question of purpose. Of course everyone would like to make decent money to support themselves that is a no-brainer. The reality is concert tours cost a lot of money, so it is very important to make smart decisions in the planning process. Your band will make some money, but if you think that you will pull in a "Taylor Swift sized" paycheck, guess again. To get that big takes lots of time, it doesn't happen overnight. Again, the travel cost, food cost, housing cost is expensive. Then the venue, concert promoter, and ticket sales have a cut of the pie. You will have a crew to pay, and possibly rental equipment fees, and don't forget the CD /T-shirt production cost.

So how does a band make this work? Again smart decisions in the planning process. Maybe a smaller tour area in the beginning, like East Coast, or even 3-4 states. What does your band really need to perform as far as equipment, instruments, and lighting? How many crew members do you need? Set reasonable limits, as the goal here is to make a profit so everyone can get paid. Then hire someone to handle your bookings and promote your band to the best of their ability, so your audience can enjoy your music, and you can play the music you love!