Global Issues

Global Warming

Is Global Warming Real?

Unfortunately yes, and it is affecting
the world!

The threat of GLOBAL WARMING is -NOT- that it gets a few degrees warmer.

The threats are:
Unhealthy air!
Higher food prices!
Scarce drinking water!
More violent storms!

Global Warming Effects...

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere. Global warming is changing our economy, health and environment. This effects a disastrous results. Yes, Earth is already showing many signs of worldwide climate change.Example: hot weather, weather not cooling down, bush fire and ice bergs melting.

What could happen to deserted places?

It's global warming that is doing it, burning earth down. Many hot weathered places aren't a very good place to stay. If global warming happens people there would have no water since all the water had dried up into the sand.

What we think will happen when Global Warming happens recently?

What we think will happen will be a disaster. Houses made out of wood will burn into pieces, electricity will burn and will shock people, people screaming for help, people suffering for cold water and many bush fires.

Some images of global warming.

We gurantee for more cool weather then hot weather.

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Can We Save The Earth From Global Warming???????