The Son of Neptune

by Rick Riodian

Book Review By Jahfear Bukari

Percy Jackson so of Poseidon is lost with no memory of who he is except his name and the warm feeling of his girlfriend Annabeth. When trying to recover his memory Percy runs into a camp for half bloods just like camp half blood but this one is odd. Well it feels weird to Percy because he is the son of the Greek version of the sea god Poseidon aka Neptune.

But this camp seems to be roman and the Greek and the roman had a big rivalry.

While Percy is stuck with no memories of who he is he becomes more involved in this camp becoming apart of they're legion cursed legion. While becoming apart of the legion he also meets some new friends Frank, and Hazel. Frank Zhang is the son of Mars also known as Greek form Ares god of war. Hazel Levesque the daughter of Pluto also known as Hades brother to Neptune and Jupiter He is the god of the underworld and lost riches.

Rick Riordan reads from SON OF NEPTUNE

Rick Riordan reads from The Son of Neptune