The 4th Grade News

Week of May 2nd, 2016

A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

Poetry, economy and fractions! Oh my! The 4th graders are working hard this spring.

I'm sorry about the mix up last week. I am still getting used to the 6 day schedule (pathetic, I know). Next week P.E. will only be on Tuesday because Thursday is Soccer Day. Please make sure that your student comes prepared on Thursday with sunscreen, a water bottle, snacks and appropriate clothing. No cleats please!

After Soccer Day, please allow your child some time to cool off and rest at home before coming back to school for the Dance Performance. Students need to be in my classroom at 6:30pm. The show will begin at 7:00. All the students need to wear black and long pants, dark shoes, hair up and the shirts that I have in the classroom.

Please start talking to your child about a Market Day good or service they might be willing to do for the 4th Grade Market Day. I have sent home a calendar of important dates for the project as well as guidelines and requirements (it is also attached at the bottom of this newsletter). The hope is that by next Friday, your child has decided on a business idea.

Lastly, I know we have many business savvy parents out there. Econ 201 was my worst grade in undergrad (shhh), so I would love for any of you experts to come in and help us out. If you are willing to come in and share your knowledge with the 4th grade that would be wonderful. Relating what we are learning to the real world is so important for kids.

Woah- OK, I think that's all for now. Field Day will be the 19th and our Music Concert will be on the 24th. More details for those events to follow next week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a lovely Mothers' Day weekend!

Thank you,

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

May 12th - Soccer Day

May 12th - LS Dance production 6:30pm

May 19th - Field Day - Grade 4/5

May 24th - Grade 4/5 Music Concert

June 7th - 4th Grade Market Day - More information to come


We continue our quest to learn more about fractions. Each student has decided on three fraction related questions that they would like to learn about. The questions included basic mathematical questions like: How do you add fractions? What is an improper fraction? What are equivalent fractions?

And moved into more abstract questions like: Where did fractions come from? Who invented fractions? Why should we understand how fractions work?

We have been working as a class and independently to answer these questions and I am excited to learn along with the 4th graders.

We have also perfected our adding fractions with unlike denominators! These kids are math superstars!

Language Arts

Reading: We are currently enjoying good fit books in reading class.

Word Study: Students are exploring new patterns of spelling words.

Writing: We have started our poetry unit! The students are really into it and have created some awesome poems. This week we published color poems!

Social Studies :

This week we began our Economy unit. We have discussed wants vs. needs, goods vs. services and even competition among businesses and target markets. We were able to go out to the PAFA Market Day and take pictures of interesting advertisements, goods, services, competition among goods and speak with local business owners. It was a great experience. We also looked at different child entrepreneurs from around the world to get our kids in the mood and inspired for their own market day on June 7th!