Nikki Turner

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Beijing- Main Character, Concierge, and Wealthy Young lady

Willabee- Bejing's mother a

Paris- Bejings older sister and drug addict

Sterling- Bejings father and hero

Loochie- The man she falls in love with and Muerderer

Seville-Her cousin

Cat- Accomplice to her murder and Loochie Main girl

Plot Structer

  • Beijing is a renowned concierge who looks up to her sister Paris even though she tried to trade her to a drug dealer named chimp for a zone when she was little.
  • Inside of the bathroom of this house where this took place was a 17- year old drug dealer named mike who listened to the whole conversation
  • Right as Chimp is taking Beijing upstairs mike comes out of the restroom and shoots chimp and punches Paris, he sends both girls home and is never seen again.
  • Years go by Beijing gets older and becomes well known concierge for a well known hotel chain
  • While working she meets a famous businessman who goes by the name of Loochie he showers her in gifts and diamonds and she falls in love
  • Loochie really wants her money and fame
  • He brings in his accomplice cat who is also his girlfriend/ lover / long time friend
  • One day Beijing is called home to her apartment she shares with loochie and she sees cement in a bucket , rope and tape
  • As she leaves Loochie is coming at her with an Ax
  • He hits her in the shoulder and suspects she is dead
  • Mike has been talking to her father trying to get in touch with her , then gets her adress from her father and that same night goes to pay her a visit and finds her passed out
  • Mike takes her to the ER and Saves her yet again and she repays him by giving him a relationship and a family after 3 years have passed.


  • Her Sister almost trading her and getting her harmed and molested
  • The person she thought was the love of her life tried to kill her and was already involved with some one else
  • And her career being ended way before she planned , due to her new relationship with Mike and him feeling like it wasnt safe for her


Mike-"If there is anything i can do for you it would be to always be there when you need me most"

Seville-"Be careful who you give your all to , they wont always do the same in return"

Wilabee-"A good man comes when you need him , not when he needs you"

My Remarks

This book is very interesting and is definitely a page turner , it will have you at the edge of your seat and teaches some very good life lessons. All the characters in the story have their own personalities and live different lives but they all come together at some situation or another. its a mystery and love story in one. i definitely recommend it Yasmin .