Camp Plug and Play 8.0 2013

Mobilizing Media K-2

by The Monicas

Web Apps

  • Evernote- use to organize files, web creations, and eportfolios.
  • Padlet- social networking for elementary students.
  • Create posters with graphics online.
  • Thinglink- make your posters interactive with links to other sites, videos, etc.
  • Record audio and embed/link in other creations.
  • Organize lists of links
  • edmodo- social networking site that you can use in the classroom. Join groups to share teaching ideas or use with your students.
  • Smore- create flyers to share information digitally.
  • iPadsammy- iPad resources from Jon Samuelson.
  • TechChef4u- Technology resources for teachers from Lisa Johnson.

iPad Apps

Camp Plug and Play Memories