Weekly Focus

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Summer is Right Around the Corner!

  • Pop in to see me to finalize your 2015-16 PD Plan. Please do this before May 13.
  • 2016-17 Growth Plan/PD Plan if you need help, please don't hesitate to see me. Also, by request I will meet with teachers the last day of school after kiddos leave to work on their plans. Anyone is welcome to join.
  • Ordering - Please fill out your requisitions before you leave for the summer and give them to Kelley or Rhonda. Orders will be placed at the beginning of July.
  • Rhonda will be emailing out the checkout list. The checkout list is a little different this year. You will need to have appropriate people sign it such as secretary or me before leaving for the summer. I will check each room before you leave for the summer. Rooms need to be clean and organized before you leave. Lots of summer cleaning and maintenance including painting will be taking place. Summer crew will not have time to mess with teacher clutter.
  • If you are leaving the district or positions, please note that if the district has paid for classroom materials you need to leave it in that classroom.
  • K-3 Dillard Mill - Please bring items/idea to help your class or grade level occupied. I'm sure Mrs. Perry will let you borrow equipment to play if you return it. We will leave approximately 10:30 and eat lunch when we get there. We will play for a little bit and return after a little play time. We will just kind of gauge our return time (depending on behavior). I'm thinking play until 12:30, but it will depend on kiddos!
  • 4-6 please give Rhonda your names of students for top Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies and most improved in ELA and Math. Use data to make your choices. Students who received proficient or advanced on last years MAP testing will also receive an award, along with perfect attendance. If a student in your class is getting an award please contact their parent and let them know their student will be receiving an award in case they want to take off work to be there.

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Dates to Remember

Mark it on Your Calendar!


3 - 5 - MAP testing

3 - Kindergarten field trip to Grants Farm

4 - 1st Grade Trip to Purina Farms

5 - K-3 PBS Award / Lunch & play at Dillard Mill

6 - Kindergarten Fire Truck

6 - Ozark Day

9 - K-3 Play Day

9 - 5th grade to Science Center

10 - 4-6 Play Day

10 - 3rd grade field trip to the Zoo

12 - DARE Activity Day

11-13 - 6th grade YMCA Trip

17 - 3rd-6th grade MAP award trip

18 - 4th-6th grade Awards Assembly - K-3 MP room

18 - Last day of school