Top 5 Candy Myths

by Molly Loman and Alexis PIno

Candy Explosions, NOT TRUE!

Jawbreakers will explode in the microwave

" well someone over at Mythbusters decided to put this to the test and guess what? It's true! "

Chocolate is coffee?

chocolate is not the same as coffee

" [chocolate] really wont help if your fighting against sleep"(Kidzworld 1)

Lifesavers take lives

the inventor of lifesavers's daughter did not die eating a lifesaver

" To him they looked like lifesavers that lifesavers that life guards use in swimming pools so thats what he named his invention"(Kidzworld 1)

Bland color Bland taste

Van Halen did not request zero brown m&m's in their dressing room simply because they don't taste as good

"the request was just a test to make sure whoever was setting up for VH was doing everything properly and according to safety standers"(kidzworld2)

Spider Gum

Bubble Yum doesn't contain spider parts

"...Bubble Yum had to fight rumors by taking out full page ads in newspaper across the country"(kidzworld2)