Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 1 Wrap Up!

Thank you for a great first day!!

Well, we've done it! Week 1 of Classical Conversations is under our belts! Congratulate your kids (and yourselves!) on a great morning of fun and learning. The day was amazingly smooth, the tutors did a great job, and all the parents jumped in to help. Great job, everyone!

Huge thank you to Galina and Georgiana for sacrificing your first day of school, and helping out in the nursery! Every team only goes in once per quarter, so you'll be in class for the next 6 weeks!

What do you do now?!? Take that first 30 minute segment of New Grammar, and try to copy (or jump off from) what your tutor did. That is all that's required to memorize the CC content! It may seem impossible - or to some, it may seem too easy - but that is really the basis for Classical education. Your tutor used songs, motions, chants and general movement to help those sentences to stick. Try to keep it to around 30 minutes per day, just like the tutor did. There is no need to go into more depth right now. Your tutor spent less than 5 minutes on each subject, then moved right along. By the end of next week, you will be amazed at how much even the 4 year olds remember!

Even with the youngest kids, try to trace the geography every day. We spend closer to 10-15 minutes on this section, since my kids like to draw and color. If you have a reluctant or very young learner, just use place markers like mini MnMs. My kids think it's the best thing to get chocolate at 9:00 in the morning! We always repeat & trace several times first, and save MnMs for the final round :-D

If you heard about Blob Mapping for the first time today, here's a link with more detail. (NOTE: Blob mapping is started on the whole world, not on Africa alone. Go ahead and start with it this week, if you can.) If it's too much right now, don't worry about it for a while. But it is an invaluable tool that you can learn to use at some point this year, and which will really enhance the kids' classical education and prepare them for Challenge. Read the Geography chapter in The Core for an in depth description including daily checklist for just starting out!

Ross King is the artist who does our Exodus 20 song - I'm sorry I didn't have it for opening!! Click his name above for the download link. It's available on iPhone and Android, for 99 cents.

Crayfish Instructions - here are the instructions and the diagram for the crayfish, in case anyone wants to try it at home. You can find and order crayfish fairly cheaply online!

For Week 2:

Family Presentation: Causey

Fellowship Hall: Blue Team

Kitchen/Bathrooms: Purple Team

Nursery: Red Team

Playground: Orange Team

Student Presentation Topic: Show & Tell A Story/Narrate Your Favorite Story

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your family likes!)

Important Dates:

Sept. 18: Week 2

Sept. 21: The Core, Chapters 1&2

Sept 25: Week 3

Online Community Calendar

This interactive calendar will always have all our events listed, and you can click to add any event to your personal calendar!

Week 1 Lesson Plan:

Here is the planner that our tutors used to organize new grammar this week. It's just an outline, and your child's tutor may have needed a change a thing or two, but you should be able to use this with your kids at home!

Week 1 Lesson Planner

Timeline - Age of Ancient Empires Video

You must be logged in to C3 to access this copyrighted content. Your child's tutor may have simplified some of the very fast or complicated signs. She's also quite flowing and graceful, which is not exactly how I do it :-D

Community Announcements:

  • Child care payments are due during the first couple of weeks of each quarter. The payment is $45 per child per quarter. Anie McDugle will be collecting, and have a sheet to record payments. Cash or check is fine!
  • If party planning is more your style, Sarah needs a helper! This is for the group planning, not necessarily all the cooking/purchasing. Someone needs to tell the rest of us what to bring and when!
  • The Core Book Club starts Sept. 21. Buy your book now, and take your time reading the first 2 chapters!! They are fairly detailed, with big-picture ideas, but there wasn't a better way to split up the reading. Give yourself time to soak them up! I'll be sending out Chapter questions to think about to those who are registered to join us!

Yearbook Update!

We need to pick a theme for our yearbook! Please click HERE to see the options, then vote on your favorite! All voting must be completed by Oct. 16 - Picture Day!! I'll try to get all of us set up on the yearbook website this week. Look for an email invite from Tree Ring.
Week 1 And Beyond

How some of this week's content will be further explored in Essentials and Challenge!

Online Extras:

Here are a few things that may go well with that we are learning this week. Some correlations are quite loose - I was not able to find kids shows specifically for the structure of plant cells!

Please preview any online content for your own children. Not all content will be appropriate for all ages, or for your particular family.

NF = Netflix, YT = Youtube

Week 1

NF Movie Joseph Prince of Egypt - History

NF Magic Schoolbus - S4:E4 - Swamp (general life science)

NF Cat in the Hat - S1:E15 - Jumping like animals / sloths are slow (general life science)

Reading Correlations

Compare this weeks History, Science & Geography with Story of The World, Mystery of History, and the "All you need to know about..." series! Perfect if your student needs to do some reading, or wants just a little bit more information!

Encouraging Video of the Week!

Tour the New CC Connected!