Event Planning/GMOs

To whom it may concern at LMS...

Good Afternoon. I am a senior student of Liberty Academy. Our school has a new class/program called Innovation Hour. This class is where we get to outbreak in our learning, choosing interesting topics. We use these topics to present projects to our peers and even out to the community.

My classmate, Emily Hunt chose to do a Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) presentation. I have chosen to do an Event Planning Project. Using each others topics we combined them into one project. We are wanting to see if we would be able to come in and present an Informational Presentation to a class of your health student. Many students are unaware of what exactly a genetically modified organism is.

We would like to take some time to tell them about it and how it can affect them. Also explain to them the importance of what they put in their body & different organic items that can be available to them. Upon our presentation we would also bring in a set of Organic snacks to share with the class.

If your class would be interested in this, we would love to get a date and time set up. Hopefully sometime after the thanksgiving break. We can come in mornings or afternoons, depending on when you have classes. Thank you so much for the time, we hope to hear from you soon!