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Happy Friday!

Hello all!

I don't know about you, but there's something about a four day week AFTER a four day weekend that really makes me tired! The entire Bat Cave was dragging a bit today, but we persevered and finished the day strong (whew!)

This week has been a busy week. We started right off with a bus safety lesson where Miss Roberts and Mrs. Hamilton taught us what to do in case of an emergency while we are on the bus. Kiddos did a great job practicing!

We learned a few new brain/movement breaks that really stick in your head...for days. I'll be glad to share those tunes below (wink wink).

You can read further to know more about our week, but I do want to remind you all that next week is Conference Week and I am very excited to sit down with you all! If you haven't sent back your form, please do so immediately. I love to share in person how kindergarten has been going for your little superhero and inform you more about what's to come.

In case you haven't heard, our friend Carson is having a Birthoween Bash! Please read the information below and RSVP to Becky, Carson's mom ASAP! Sounds like a great time - I want to see pictures!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!



Carson's Spooktacular 6th Birthday Party

Saturday, Oct. 31st, 3:30pm

14 Hemlock Lane New Gloucester

This is a Halloween themed Birthday party, and since Halloween is a family holiday we invite your other children to join as well. Please RSVP with total number of kids that you will be bringing. Make sure everyone is dressed in their costumes because we will all go directly to the Lower Village to attempt trick or treating together!

Please RSVP by October 23rd to Becky Burns


Butterfly Update

Quite a bit has gone on this week with our butterflies. I had to let four go this past weekend and throughout the week, we have released three more butterflies! Friends had the opportunity to wish our butterflies well and hold them before we safely left them on a tree. Some friends were a little too nervous or uncomfortable with having a creature crawling on them. We still have two chrysalises left (not sure if they will hatch), so we shall see!

The Math Minute

This week for math we continued our focus on identifying numbers, but also layered one to one counting, writing numbers, and oral counting into our math centers. I'm not sure if I've shared this with you or not, but is a website we use quite often for math and literacy. Our school is fortunate enough to have a subscription for more learning opportunities.
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Halloween Count the Room

Above is an example of one of our centers this week. The colored cards are picked one at a time by kiddos, they need to count the number of objects, find that object on their recording sheet, and then write the number. We had different manipulatives at the center to help us write our numbers. We also have numbers hanging in our classroom that can help!


Cooper Bucci

This week we learned a little bit more about our friend Cooper!

Full Name: Cooper Thomas Bucci

He has zero brothers and one sister (Alexandra). His favorite color is blue. Cooper's hobbies include riding dirt bikes, fishing, and playing baseball. When he grows up, Cooper wants to be a dirt bike rider! His favorite thing to do in kindergarten is play on the playground. Cooper believes he is good at coloring and bike riding!

Thanks for a great week Cooper!

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This week we began learning about pumpkins, but you'd be blown away to know how much your kiddos ALREADY KNOW about pumpkins!!! Before reading a nonfiction story about pumpkins, we filled out a KWL chart. This chart records what we KNOW already, what we WOULD LIKE to learn, and then our LEARNING. I was impressed with the things we want to know!

Our nonfiction story was called "Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie". This is our first real introduction to nonfiction - stories that teach us something new and most of the time, have real photographs throughout the book. Did you know that pumpkins can be green, red, tan, yellow, white, or even blue!?

Our class has a subscription to Scholastic's Let's Find Out (you hopefully have seen this magazine in your kiddos' backpack this week!) We read the magazine together this week and watched a video all about the life of a pumpkin. We actually watched the video a couple of times and then answered questions all about the sequencing, or the order, of the life cycle of a pumpkin.

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Our fine motor skills have had a lot of practice this week. We labeled the different parts of a pumpkin (lots of cutting, glueing, working with yarn, tearing paper) which is now on display in the hallway for all to ooh and aah. We also have a new fine motor center working with playdoh. There have several different mats (October themed, of course!) where the kiddos have to add something to the picture to finish it. Working on and practicing these fine motor skills are helpful when it comes to our writing.
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Letters & Letter Sounds

This week we introduced four more letters and their sounds to our daily routine: C, A, D, and G. We worked on these letters during our center work on a daily basis. We also incorporated them into our morning meeting by singing Letter Babies and rhyming with our pumpkin poem (from previous week's newsletter). We also learned a NEW song (PS - we got a great compliment on Thursday from Mrs. Reeber about our amazing singing!). This new song is called "Sweet Letters" and it is sung to the tune of BINGO.
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Meet Memorial

Next Week's Snack Duties


TUESDAY - Aubrey



FRIDAY - Ms. Montgomery


Oct 19th-22nd - Parent/Teacher Conferences with Ms. Montgomery

Oct 23rd - Kindergarten Field Trip to NG Library

Oct 26th - Picture ReTake Day

Oct 28th - Early Release (Dismissal at 1pm)

Nov 1st - Clocks fall back an hour

Nov 4th - Flu Shots @ Memorial School (please return necessary paperwork)

Nov 5th - Fluoride Day at Memorial School

Nov 11th - NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day

Week of Nov 16th - Book Fair @ Memorial

Look At What We Did....

Several friends really worked hard this week on the quality of their work. These two particular friends really BLUE my mind with the details they added....without any help or reminders whatsoever! Keep up the GREAT work!!
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