Superintendent's Update

June 12, 2020

What a Year!!

CCPS Family:

Well, I couldn't have ever imagined a year like this! With students' last official day on Monday, I've been reflecting back on the events of this past year. As I often say, sometimes in life things happen with you and sometimes things happen to you- such as being thrust into a global pandemic. While we sometimes don't have a choice in our circumstances, we always have a choice in our response. In looking back, I'm proud of our response as a system and of the response of this community to support our students.

I believe in this time, our community rose to the occasion- online content for instruction was developed, thousands of devices put into hands of students, teachers quickly became proficient in delivering online content, homes became classrooms, Food & Nutrition staff expertly organized to provide a meal program that has continued every week, technology and support staff members provided essential support throughout the system, and community members from across our county stepped up to help in any way they could to support our families and our school system.

What we learned and what we developed in terms of providing online instruction and content is something that we will continue to perfect going forward for future uses. This time also allowed us to create and provide new options such as online new student enrollment and virtual summer school (learn more below). This time forced us to adjust and what we developed in response we will also be able to use going forward.

I think this time made us all better communicators during the days, weeks, and months where we could not see each other face-to-face. While we desperately missed our students, the non-virtual interaction with colleagues, and especially traditional graduation ceremonies, our schools, and our community, shone brightly in support of our students and especially our graduates.

Thank you for your support of CCPS during this school year. We will continue to keep you posted with any new information as it relates to the start of next school year. Have a safe and relaxing summer!


Jeffrey A. Lawson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

New Administrative Assignments

We are pleased to announce the following Education Leadership appointments effective July 1, 2020:

Ms. Cynthia Fitzpatrick - from Interim Assistant Principal, Thomson Estates Elementary School
to Principal, Conowingo Elementary School

Ms. Christie Edelson - from Restorative Practices Practitioner
to Assistant Principal, Chesapeake City Elementary School (until grant responsibilities resume)

Ms. Victoria Saulsbury - from Restorative Practices Practitioner
to Assistant Principal, Charlestown Elementary School (until grant responsibilities resume)

We are also pleased to announce the following Education Leadership transfers effective July 1, 2020:

Ms. Karen Adair, Principal
from Elk Neck Elementary to North East Elementary School

Ms. Lisa Lowe, Principal
from North East Elementary to Holly Hall Elementary School

Ms. Nikole MacDowell, Principal
from Leeds Elementary to Perryville Elementary School

Ms. C. Kelly Riser, Principal
from Conowingo Elementary to Leeds Elementary School

Ms. Regina Roberts, Principal
from Holly Hall Elementary to Elk Neck Elementary School

Ms. Ashlee Groce, Assistant Principal
from Chesapeake City Elementary to Thomson Estates Elementary School

Mr. Brian DeMayo, Assistant Principal
from Perryville High to Rising Sun High School

Mr. James Leitgeb, Assistant Principal
from Elkton High to Perryville High School

Dr. Sterling Seemans, Assistant Principal
from Rising Sun High to Elkton High School

Best wishes for much success are extended to these individuals in their new assignments.

Teacher of the Year Nominees

This year we have TWENTY-SIX fantastic Teacher of the Year nominees! We were all disappointed that we could not hold our usual spring Teacher of the Year Gala, but we wanted to make sure to take time to recognize each of these amazing educators. This week we have been posting videos on our social media and our YouTube channel and will continue to do so through next Monday. You can view the playlist of the nominees already featured HERE .

Be sure to stay tuned for the big surprise announcement of our 2020 Teacher of the Year coming next week!!!

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