3 Heroic Children

Matt, De' Monte, Ariel

Matt and Ariel Similarities and Differences

Matt and Ariel similarities are that they both were victims of hurricane Sandy. Both were also Teen age hero's. They also both originally lived in Rockaway, New York. But, their is many differences between the two such as while Matt was helping out during the Hurricane. Ariel retreated to Brooklyn and Came to help after the hurricane was over. Also Matt helped by physically saving people lives and bringing them to safety. While Ariel was saving people mentally by starting a Facebook page to help people get things they lost during the devastation.

Matt and De' Monte Similarities and Differences

Their is many similarities between Matt and De' Monte such as both boys saved lives physically. Also instead of retreating they both stayed while the hurricane was going on. But, their were many differences between the two starting off with that De' Monte was a victim of hurricane Katrina while Matt was a victim of Hurricane Sandy. The age difference was much different to while Matt was 17 and De' Monte was 6 and had to take care of many toddlers and leave his family while matt stayed with his family.

De' Monte and Ariel Similarities and Differences

De' Monte and Ariel similarities are that They both were helping with very young kids. Also instead of helping during the hurricane they helped after the hurricane. The differences is that both faced different hurricanes while De' Monte faced Hurricane Katrina Ariel faced Hurricane Sandy. Also even though they both helped after the hurricanes De' Monte helped physically while Ariel helped by going online.

Simmilarities of all Three

Some similarities of all three are that they all faced a serious Hurricane. They all are considered young hero's. And mot importantly they all survived.