VCR Presentation #5

By Ellie Brown

Fill In The Blank:

Although the girl's peers found her _________ endearing, her teachers sometimes found it unbecoming.
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The Word Is... Levity

Levity (noun):

Lightness in speech or behavior, especially unbecoming jocularity; frivolity


LEVIS: Latin - meaning "light"


  • frivolity
  • triviality
  • jocularity
  • lightheartedness


  • seriousness
  • soberness
  • solemness

Usage Note:

Some dictionaries give the word levity another definition meaning "lightness in weight," this meaning is mostly used in the scientific community.

Exercise in the Book:

Exercise 5A: Choose the letter of the best synonym for the word in bold

An occasion for levity.

a. leverage

b. insults

c. gravity

d.powerful action

e. frivolity

The Correct Answer is e) frivolity

Pick the sentence in which the bold-faced word is used incorrectly:

a) The graduation party was an occasion for levity in students and parents alike.

b) Tax incentives provide levity for charitable giving.

c) Her positivity and levity when she talked made her extremely likable.

d) The practical joke on the teacher provided much levity to the classroom.

The Correct Answer is B. "Leverage" or "Incentive" would be more appropriate words here.