The French Revolution

The Three Estates

The Begining of The Revolution

The French Revolution started in 1789. During this time citizens razed and redesigned their countries political powers. This revolution did not achieve all of the goals they would have liked it did play a role in modern nations governments.

The Monarchy Crisis

As the 18th century was coming to an end the French were on the brink of bankruptcy because of involvement in the American rev. and also killing King Louis XVI. After two decades of being poor unrestfulness set in with the poor and peasants.

The Bastille

The Bastille was a great prison in France. That was until the people of France took the prison over because of unfair treatment. This unfair treatment was called The Reign of Terror. Over 17,000 people died and many others were put into prison.

Drafting a Constitution

On August 4th the assembly drafted the Declaration of Rights of Man. The purpose was to allow people to believe in Enlightenment.

The End

On August 22 1795, the National Convention, composed largely of Gridirons who had survived the Reign of Terror approved a new constitution that created France’s first bicameral legislature. Executive power would lie in the hands of a five-member Directory appointed by parliament.





The Three Estates

The three estates are kind of like what we have in the U.S. today. There is a high class (Monarchy and Kinsmen), a Middle class ( The workers), and the Low class (The Peasants)