Egg to Chick

Brenham ISD Outdoor Education


The Egg to Chick project was a huge success!

You worked diligently so that your students could personally connect with a lesson.

Regardess of your hatch rate, you created an academic experience for your students that they will rememember for the rest of their lives - well beyond our short time with them.

This project was successful because of you and your committment to your students.

Didn't have may eggs hatch?

That's ok - chicks are pretty fickle creatures under great circumstances.

In a classroom, even more so!

If you are interested in trying to figure out why, you may try candling the eggs with your students to see where development stopped.

  • Set up your document camera
  • Pull out a strong flashlight
  • Turn off the lights
  • Candle a few eggs to determine the egg's stage of development (this is a GREAT series of candling photos)
  • Brainstorm possible reasons for the low hatch rate with your kiddos.

HINT: If they all stopped at around the same day, check your records for any temperature fluxuations.

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