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Kraft food CEO- Mr. W. Anthony Vernon

Kraft Foods Group, Inc.
Stock Symbol: KRFT
Three Lakes Drive
Northfield, IL 60093 USA
Phone: 1-847-646-2000

Kraft Food's Mission Statement

Helping People Around the World to Eat & Live Better

Kraft Subsidiaries

Brands: A.1.®, Athenos®, Breakstone's®, Capri Sun®, Cheez Whiz®, Claussen®, Cool Whip®, Country Time®, Cracker Barrel®, Crystal Light®, Gevalia®, Jell-O®, Jet-Puffed®, Kool-Aid®, Kraft®, Maxwell House®, Lunchables®, MiO®, Miracle Whip®, Oscar Mayer®, Philadephia®, Planters®, Polly-O®, Stove Top®, Tassimo®, and Velveeta®.

Kraft career opportunities

VP Hospitality Sales

IT Operations

Inside Sales Service Manager

Spare Truck Driver

Retirement and Benefits Manager

Detailed job description

VP Hospitality Sales

Job Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  1. Grow sales and profitability by increasing significant new customer sales and growing revenues with existing customers.
  2. Improve the effectiveness of the sales operation, enhance productivity, enforce policies/procedures and standardize best practices
  3. Create a culture of success and ongoing goal achievement that drives the sales and service team to exceed their targets
  4. Oversee and drive adoption of Customer Relationship Management tools and introduce detailed sales forecasting reports
  5. Recruit, train, develop and coach sales staff to drive incremental revenue, client satisfaction and retention to achieve defined goals
  6. Develop a metric-driven sales culture and identify sales platforms to support sales and manage incentive plans; create individual sales goals that drive organizational revenue, profitability and operational efficiency objectives
  7. Establish a strategy for identifying and managing sales leads that drive incremental growth for all hospitality programs
  8. Build account relationships with Key Stakeholders to foster contract renewals and revenue expansion
  9. Work closely with marketing to develop targeted survey activities to acquire ongoing customer feedback and leverage data to introduce meaningful change
  10. Translate client needs into new service enhancements and revenue opportunities; quantify the value proposition to clients based on their needs; provide meaningful data and metrics to support their initiatives
  11. Forecast, analyze and report on sales, market opportunities and strategic plans; manage all administrative and budget compliance
  12. Work collaboratively across functional units to drive productive and profitable business solutions
  13. Special projects and assignments as business dictates

Job Requirements

Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

  1. At least 10 years of senior sales management experience, including staff development
  2. Proven ability to interface with all customers, including C-Suite and Executive Levels
  3. Must possess expertise in selling strategies and methodologies, strategic planning and execution, and employee motivation techniques.
  4. Strong communication skills to present and produce professionally written reports and presentations
  5. Exemplary interpersonal skills
  6. Excellent sales cycle management skills
  7. Expert negotiation skills, including presentation skills and development of sales materials
  8. Financial and business acumen required
  9. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related field preferred