Speak Up

Poem written by Janet S. Wong


The theme of this poem is to not judge anyone because you don't truly know their story. The author develops this theme by the conversation between the American and Korean.

Poetic Devices:

A. "Sounds funny./Sounds strange."

This repetition and alliteration emphasizes the American's feelings for the Korean language.

B. "Say something" x3

This repetition and alliteration helps to show how demanding the American is.


There are 2 speakers, since there's dialogue, although I think the Korean person is the main speaker because he/she is the one making a point. We know that one speaker is Korean, but not born in Korea and know little of the language. He/she doesn't believe in racism.


I chose the color red for the title and the background because it shows aggravation. The reader feels aggravated after reading this poem because the American is so judgmental towards the Korean. The Korean didn't even do anything, but the American is still immensely subjective.