Pairs France

Paris in Paradise relaxing Paris is waiting for you!


What kind of delicious food people in Paris like, and what they look forward to . People in Paris like to eat chicken with potatoes. The first meal of the day called breakfast or le petit de jeuner is most often a little light meal. For desert they eat some delicious pasty, frutie or yogurt. Most people in France look forward to their meal at the end of the day. Are you going to try any of their food? You should!


You should go to France to see how beautiful the history and culture heritage extends some four hundred eighty thousand years back in time. During the hundreds years war, actual fighting occurred during only about a fith of the year. During the Roman period many Germans especially France, were allowed to settle in some numbers in Gaul, where they became increasingly Romanized.


France has some cool Tourism and Entertainment that you should see. France is in the western part of Europe with a lot of beautiful things to see their.France is the third country in the area only Russia and Ukrain have more land. France's capital and largest city in paris is one of the worlds great cites for hundreds of years. France is one of the worlds leading manufacturing nations for example one of the largest producers of medal in the world. Do you think France is cool? I know it is!


You will have the time of your life. The Scince River of northern western France and one of its well known soft water that is so warm. The Louver in Paris France known to many as just the Louver, and the full name is Musee De Louver and in in Paris France. Are De Triomphe in Paris France The Are De Triomphe is a famous monument in Pairs France that honors those who fought for France. Royal Chateau de Fontanbleau the royal chateau de Fontainbleau is a large custes where the Renaisance was two buildings are outstanding because of their dimensions the incredible architecture. Are you going to any of these places? You should and have the time of your life!


Cool things about speaking French and other languages they speak. 3% of the population speak German not much people. 88% of the population speak French because french is the official language to speak. Back in before B.C. France spoke a language that went back to central Europe. People in France mostly speak French but if their family speak some other language then they will speak some other language. Are you going to learn French? I know I am!


If you go to France how how hot and cool it is? France lies in a region where they don't get much rain fall. France is also known for unexpected rain fall which can occur a lot over the year. In winter at France it is chilly and is around freezing. In the summer it is nice not to hot in the summer. I'm going to France one day! I think you should go to!