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WOHS LMC --- December 2021

Winter Solstice: A Gift of Love by Carolyn Riker

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Comfort & Joy

Dear Mountaineers,

There is a good chance that you will be reading this close to, or on, the day of the Winter Solstice -- the longest night of the year. What comes next changes everything -- in a heartbeat, we reach that pivotal point when the world begins to open up, and ever so slowly, the days get longer. We won't notice it at first, but in a month or so, the street lights turn on later and off earlier. In the meantime, surrounded by winter holiday lights, we wait.

It seems as if we have been waiting a lot this year. And while we may be divided into cohorts, we are united in the hope that the New Year to come will bring more light, warmth, and time shared within our homes, and here at WOHS.

Wishing you tidings of comfort & joy,

Mrs. Binns & Ms. Matz

Works of Art Coming from the Heart

LMC Annual Holiday Card Making Project

Hundreds of WOHS students came to the LMC over the past month to create hundreds of holiday cards for Veterans, and patients at the Kessler Institute and Barnabas Hospital. Each one unique, each one made with the finest ingredients --- especially love!

The LMC's "A" Team!

Big picture

LMC Library Aides are a Gamechanger!

Love the look of the library? Need help checking out books during lunch or after school? Sounds like you need the support from our fabulous Library Aides! In the WOHS LMC, there are countless behind the scene jobs that make our space the place to be. This has been made possible through the help of our Library Aides, WOHS student volunteers.Our aides are our behind the scenes’ heroes!

Trouble getting that display just right? Send in the Library Aides! Books disorganized? Send in the Library Aides! Too many books in your collection? Send in the Library Aides! Our aides are an integral part of our daily operations. There is no limit to their support of our amazing LMC space.

Ms. Matz and Mrs. Binns would like to personally thank our aides for their tireless efforts and support to our WOHS LMC. Our aides range from our Freshmen to our Seniors. When you see our aides, be sure to say hello, and thank them for their help and support!

Imagine, Design, Create!

3D Printing in the LMC

Tired of 2-dimensional projects? Need help getting your ideas actualized? Sounds like you need the support of our 3D printers!

3D printing is up and running in the LMC! Mrs. Binns has been working with classes and students of all levels and experience to make these 3D printed projects possible. Join Mrs. Binns during lunch each day and learn how to 3D print; or expand your 3D printing knowledge. Schedule your class; come during lunch, there are no limits to what you can print. The possibilities are endless. Your only limit is your imagination.

LMC Teacher Shout Out!

This month’s LMC Shout Out goes to Mr.Jonathan Tick! Here at the library, we would like to thank Mr. Tick for all of his astounding help with our Raise 3D Printer! We couldn’t get our printer up and running without his support. Here at WOHS, we are more than just a school, we are family. Thank you, Mr. Tick!

PS ----> In the photo, Mr. Tick and LMC Intern, Jordan Rosenbaum, celebrate the arrival of the RAISE 3D printer!

Time to take a short break . . .

Instrumental Jazz Christmas Music at Coffee Shop with Crackling Fireplace 24/7

Cinema Spotlight

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility . . .

Spiderman is back! Click on the image below to see who the folks AV Club rank the eight live-action Spider-Man movies, plus a single cartoon outlier that could give every Peter Parker out there a run for his superheroic money.

Looking for a "Table for Two" . . .

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LMC now has trendy cafe seating -- will cappuccino be next?

Seniors Abigail Nolan and Kennedy Morgan make good use of their table for two by the window! Come by at lunchtime or during study hall and claim your "table for two"!

Making @ Home

Feeding Our Fine Feathered Friends

Here is a simple way to keep your younger siblings and cousins busy and make your backyard a happy home for the birds! Feel free to string Cheerios and Fruitt Loops to the yarn -- it makes the bird feeder colorful and tasty!
How to make a Bird Feeder for kids - Simple and Easy

Our gift to you . . .