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Welcome to Malaysia!

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About Malaysia...

What makes Malaysia so unique is our ability to upkeep peace and harmony despite being a very multicultural community. The different races and religions such as Malays, Indians, Chinese, and the many indigenous ethnic groups, are able to socialize and celebrate each other's festivals. The official mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu, with English falling not far behind. In general, the citizens of Malaysia are very warm and friendly.

One of the main attractions in Malaysia is its extreme contrasts. Towering skyscrapers cast large shadows over wooden houses built on stilts, while five-star hotels are situated just a stone's throw away from ancient underwater reefs. Cool highlands slope down to warm beaches and humid mangroves.

O2M : Ole-ole Malaysia

Our Project

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PT Foundation provides HIV/AIDS education, sexuality awareness, care and support programmes for vulnerable communities in Malaysia. This project involves participation in challenging tasks, which in turn hones your soft skills development.

During your 8 to 13 weeks of exchange here, you will be assisting in events and programmes organized by PT Foundation. You will be providing support, hope, and care for the affected communities.

  1. Receive and register clients who come for HIV testing and counselling.
  2. Handle incoming calls, inquiries, and appointments.
  3. Assist in organizing gatherings, sessions, training, and workshops.
  4. Participate in visits and training to different centres.
  5. Involvement in health campaigns, training and presentations at universities and health centres.

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EP Testimonial

Alison Tamiko Vavra - "I had a really good experience interning at PT Foundation. My boss was open to my ideas and lets me take on a role that I was interested in. I felt very involved in the company and was part of the planning and organizing process for events and workshops."

Local Committee Taylor's University

AIESEC in Taylor's University has been generating positive impact in society for the past 11 years. Projects involving the environment, health issues, human trafficking, and many more are among the milestones we have achieved in order to create a better world for the future generations.
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Ready to make a change?

If you are interested in this project, kindly fill in this form to let us know more about yourself. (

Once you have filled in the application form, do send us an email and we will follow up with you as soon as we receive your application.

For further information, please refer to the project booklet attached. Should you have any doubts and require clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

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Search for "Malaysia_PT Foundation_LCTU" and fill in the application form