Hurry Child Syndrome

Is your child being hurried?

Introduction to the Hurry Child Syndrome

This syndrome over takes children when a child's parent or guardian over schedule them at a young age. This makes them have to grow up faster and act older then they really are. Most parent push there kids so they can have a bright future when they are older but they don't realize they are ruining their childhood.
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What are some Major Factors in the Hurry Child Syndrome?

Their are many leading causes to the Hurry Child Syndrome a few of them are:

  • Parents wanting their child to be the "best".
  • Children having to take care of younger siblings.
  • The lose of a family member at a young age.
  • Children who start working at a young age
  • Children who deal with their parents getting divorced.
  • An over scheduled life

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How Can Parents Prevent This From Happening To Their Children?

Parents can prevent their children from the Hurry Child Syndrome by:

  • Letting the child choose what they want to do for extra curricular activities
  • Not letting their children hear them talk about adult things
  • Only supporting their child even if their not the best at something
  • Just let a kid be a kid

What The Hurry Child Syndrome Can Lead To

When Children are often Hurried through their childhood at a young age it can lead them to make wrong choices such as:

  • Getting involved with drugs
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Suicide
  • Violence

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