"Look at me I'am the boss" GO! Nervous system


The nervous system is so unique, all the highways of electrical pulses connected to your brain, that makes you do every things in life. Its helps you do things in your every day life.


There two major parts, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

Picture of parts of the nervous system


The nervous system controls the entire body/body systems. It does everything from breathing to movement to thinking. Its like the boss system telling the rest to do this and that.

Threats to the nervous system

One threat that comes in mind is the Parkinson's disease. Its a disease that destroys the brain over time. And hard bump on the head and fractured spinal cord.

Ho to keep it healthy

To keep it healthy you need to do this thing below.


The brain depends on the skeletal system to do its movements and without the skeletal system you'r body can't move and there would not be a protective layer to protect to protect your body's organs. And the skeletal system depends on the nervous system because if there were no brain then the skeletal system would not be of use.