Health Concerns

Middle Childhood By: Madison Harner


  • Awareness of midrange sounds develop first
  • By 11 children can hear like adults
  • Ear infections can cause hearing loss
  • Ear infections decrease because of structural change
  • The eustachian tube has moved
  • This prevents bacteria from moving to the ear


  • Near-sightedness is the most common problem
  • Being able to see close objects easier
  • Vision should be checked frequently
  • They need to be engaged in reading



  • Excessive body fat
  • if they are 20% more than others
  • Factors are age, sex, and build
  • Affects 25% of school-age children
  • Can impact a childs emotional health
  • Many factors that cause obesity


  • They start losing baby teeth
  • Central incisors fall out first
  • 20 primary teeth will fall out by 12
  • Teeth loss can have a psychological effect on children
  • Common problem is tooth decay
  • Cavities also begin