Mixed Up Animals

by 3/4 WG

Jungle Drums Literacy - Responding to Texts

This week we read a picture book title 'Jungle Drums' by Graeme Base. In it the main character, little Ngiri plays magic drums and changes all the animals' features around.
To create our own mixed up animals, we used the iPad apps "SUPERIMPOSE" and "SWITCH ZOO" to combine features of different animals into one and then wrote about our new creation. Below are some examples of our work.


My animal is called the falcrhi snake

It has falcon wings and body, it also has a rhino head used as a battering ram, it has the tail of a snake for whipping other animals such as the dog-tailed frogbird, elewartcon and the pig-legged Eli-rhino. The horns have a poison tip for inhumane attacks.


My Creature is the Dog-tailed frogbird.
It's got Flynn's dog's tail, a bird's body and wings and a frog's face
It's dog tail is used for whacking predator's faces, especially elewartcon.
The Dog-tailed frogbird can fly into space.
It's bird body can help it fly faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
The frog face has a huge tongue for eating it's favourite food, giant crickets.
The creature can spit poison more dangerous than the most poisonous snake in the world.
This is the hopabirdale. It is the only animal in the world that can swim, fly and walk on land.


My creature is called a pig-legged Eli-rhino.
It can play cricket and can spurt hot chocolate out of it's trunk.
It has pig legs, the body of a rhino and the head of an elephant.
It uses it's trunk for whacking but it cannot hit the worst enemies: dog-tailed birdfrog, the falchri snake and the elewartcon.


My animal is named elewartcon.

It's got a warthog head.
It has falcon wings and an elephant body.
It's warthog head is for stabbing its predators, especially the dog-tailed frogbird.
It can fly faster than a jet.
And it can suck anything in its way