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Ruby Bridges - where the STARS come to shine!

Hello from the principal's desk!


Hello all and welcome to the 4th week of school! Wow, that went by quickly! We are having a blast here. Tons of cool stuff going on in our classrooms that really make me happy, and our kiddos and staff are getting along great. Our STEAM lab is coming close to opening up, and our STAR time rotations will be beginning soon. Want to learn more about STAR rotations? Look below! We also have some teacher projects that need some funding help - can you spread the word for us?

Also, I would like to thank Mrs. Watty and her 5th grade class for inviting me in to participate in their Mindful minute earlier this week. It was nice. We did a visualization where we took our thoughts as they came to us and let them fly away on a cloud. It was relaxing, especially after a busy and hot lunch. I was grateful for the A/C that we have here - one of the only schools on the island!

With gratitude,

Jesse Woodward

Help fund some school projects!

Please throw these links out on your Facebook page, Nextdoor app, or just throw a couple of your own hard earned dollars towards them. We could really use the help!

Abbie Rockwell - Ruby Bridges Music teacher

Shoshie Kupferman - Ruby Bridges Special Education Preschool teacher

STEAM Lab flexible seating

Favorite movie to show kids... they ALL get it

Upcoming events at Ruby Bridges

9/19 - PTA Meeting Ruby Library 6:15 - 7:45

9/26 - SSC (School Site Council) 3:30 - 4:30

9/28 - ELAC (English Language Acquisition Committee) 8:30 - 9:30 rm 403

10/6 - Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day!

10/9 - No School, District Professional Development

10/27 - Minimum Day - TK/K out at 11:40, 1st - 5th out at 12:30


Do not miss out on this opportunity! Limited spaces available.

For more information please contact:

Helena Ortiz- Site Coordinator

Phone #: (510) 925-3277


We need your help!

Please email Mr. Woodward ( if you are able to help in any way!

  • Lunch supervision - Let's see how else I can say this to get some more folks to agree to help... hmmm... I have paid positions for grandmas and grandpas, aunts or uncles, big brothers or big sisters who want to be here at school and participate in the lunch time fun! It doesn't pay much, but it pays something and it is a job if someone is looking for one. I can be an awesome reference if you put in some good time with us! Maybe you just want to come in and volunteer when you have time? That works too. Your kids will love to see you here on campus! Come help!

Hello from the Ruby Bridges PTA

Join the PTA and have fun while helping your kids and your community. We have not met our goal of 100 members yet this year, we need every family involved! Email us at for more information. Together we can make this a year to remember!

5th grade Science camp

It is NOT too early to start thinking about the amazing opportunity that is the 5th grade Science camp, coming up March 28 - 30th. ALL 100 of our 5th graders are expected to go on this 3 day, 2 night excursion out into the woods of Santa Cruz for this incredible and immersive Science opportunity.

Alas, this trip is expensive! We are asking each 5th grade family to pay $280 for the trip. As you may know, this cost can be prohibitive for some of our families. We will offer scholarships as needed, and fundraising opportunities will be available to participate in if your family is unable to contribute financially

PTA is going to hold the money for us, so cut your checks now - payable to Ruby Bridges PTA, with Science camp and your child's name in the Memo line. It would be amazing if you also included a few extra dollars to help us with the scholarship costs. Let's make this once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids a reality, and ensure we do this for future classes.


The 5th grade team (Mr. Landers, Ms. Farrell, Mrs. Figueroa and Mrs. Watty) & Mr. Woodward

STAR rotations - where every Star gets to shine!

We are starting rotations early in October, where we will be homogeneously grouping our students in grades 1-5. Every day, M/T/Th/F for around 45 minutes, we will be regrouping our kids into Academic Reading groups and English Language Development groups. Our students who speak another language and are not yet fluent in English will be grouped by their English fluency. Our English only speaking students will also be grouped, by their reading levels. Those who need the most help with their reading will get to go to our Reading Lab with Mrs. Furuichi-Fong, our Title 1 Reading Interventionist and team of Reading tutors. We will make other groups, all the way up to our students at the far end of the expectations, who may be reading two or even more grade levels above their grade level. These groups will have dynamic and exciting lessons and curriculum, perfectly designed to meet the needs of students in them.

Please note, these Reading and English Language rotations are not new, these programs have been in place at Ruby Bridges since we opened 11 years ago. We can always use an extra set of hands, so if you are interested in volunteering your time to work with a small group of kids during this time, please let me know.

I am very excited to see these groups get started early next month!

Jesse Woodward

Hello from STEAM Lab

We are still in need of funding for our Donors Choose project:

We only have $250 left to go for our flexible seating options! Consider donating if you can and please share the link with people you know to help fund this project down the home stretch. We are also still looking for donated items like gently used tools, duct tape, highlighters, legos and much more. Come see the full wish list in the Studio, room 401.

Donate your Eclipse Glasses at Ruby Bridges Elementary!

Help kids in other countries safely view future eclipses by donating your glasses today.

Our students were fortunate enough to have glasses to view the eclipse, now its time to share this opportunity with others!

Join Ruby Bridges Elementary and Astronomers Without Borders in giving kids in other countries the same experience by donating your glasses today.

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Drop off zones

I have been out here the last couple of days and have to say - you all are doing a much better job!!! Good work!

The drop off and pick up zones are for immediate loading and unloading of kids. Parents should not park their cars here and walk their children to class. Please have your kids ready to exit the car, on the school side of the street, when you pull up. Say goodbye, give them a kiss, and let them go. If you need to walk your child into school, please use street parking!


Have you noticed any strange numbers sending you texts from school? That is our new Remind notification system! You can download their app from the app store - when school started they were the #1 app in iTunes! The app scrambles our numbers, so we aren't sharing our personal numbers with you all. But it allows us to easily send texts, pictures and even call you if we need to. It is pretty cool, and certainly makes it easier for us to share information with you all.

We automatically add direct family members to our Remind app text communication. However, anyone can get my updates! Just text @rbstars to the number 81010 and you will join our group.

Ruby Wrap

Anyone struggling with helping their child with our new Eureka Math curriculum? Check out our page with help for you at home! There are videos that teach EACH lesson. You and your child can watch together if you have an extra 15 minutes.

Social Media presence

We are going to really work hard to share all the wonderful things going on this year through our PTA Facebook page, PTA Instagram, and school Twitter. Please try and participate along with us! It is super fun when we can all enjoy the MANY positive events that happen here, even if we weren't there in person to see them!