Hour of Code

Introducing your student to Computer Science at www.code.org

Hello lucky parent or guardian of a Gilbert Elementary student! #hourofcode

During the week of December 8th we will be trying to help www.code.org beat last year's record of 15,000,000 students participating in Computer Science at one time. Featured on news outlets, and sponsored by many of the most successful companies on earth, www.code.org continues to develop creative ways to introduce and develop our Computer Science skills.

This experience is not being offered in many classrooms in Yakima, but keep an eye out, you will see it talked about on the national news. Nice work Gilbert Elementary!

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the act of investigating, experimenting with, and learning how a computer works. The introductory activities involve using programming to teach an important lesson in Computer Science. The ways that we command a program, a website, a computer, a robot, or even people are very similar. With these activities we are asking the students to learn a series of commands, and use them correctly to accomplish a goal.

The website www.code.org gives some dismaying facts about the exposure students in America have to Computer Science, and aims to help by providing these approachable activities. Our goal is to introduce these complex ideas early and see if we can provide the spark for students who may otherwise not have this experience. A student who enjoys working on these activities may see themselves interested in the growing job markets of Web Design, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Engineering, or any of the number of technical jobs, some yet to be created.

We ask for your support.

Please ask your student to share their thought about the activities. Code.org is a partnership of websites, and if you are using the activities, you will see that you are connected to tools from many different sources. MIT, Tynker, Khan Academy, Makegameswithus and Codemonkey to name a few, have all contributed introductory activities for the Hour of Code. If your student enjoys what the are learning, or if you would like to know more, take them to www.code.org, and work through the first hour together. In all there is a 20 hour course for K-8 students, that can lead to limitless hours of creative activities, many of which are tablet friendly. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your students teacher, or me directly. I am look forward to working with your student.

Clem See : seetheteacher@outlook.com