Miss Maudie aka the "Widow"

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Miss Maudie's opinions

Miss Maudie has many opinions about the people and children in the town of Maycomb. The children,Dill,Scout,and Jem,are nice children,and she shows some sort of benevolence towards them. "Miss Maudie's benevolence extended to Jem and Dill". The children Jem and Jean Louise,aka Scout,have a father named Atticus,she even has her own opinion about him. In her opinion,she finds him to be an estranged type of dad,stating that he "is the same at his house as he is in the public streets"..although Miss Maudie has rather good opinions about others,she has a different opinion about Stephane Crawford,deeming her the town gossip.. Arthur aka Boo Radley along with his family are also the holders of an opinion by her. "He's nice,always spoke nicely to me,no matter what others said"


Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character?


Because she's a roll model to scout