Diary of Anne Frank vs. Night

by Lucine Devejian

Peter vs. Elie

Peter is shy and reserved and kept to himself, just like Elie. " I didn't have any dates with anyone." "I continued to devote myself to my studies." They both also begin to lose faith in their Jewish religion. "..something they branded you with...? That they made you wear so they could spit on you?"(talking about the Star of David). "Why should I bless His name?... What had I to thank Him for?" However, Peter spends his time with his cat, while Elie devoted all his time to praying before he was deported.

Mr. Kraler vs. the prisoner referred to on page 39 in Night

Mr. Kraler and the prisoner both try to help the others. "...helping all of the hundreds and hundreds who are hiding out in Amsterdam." "Eighteen and forty." Mr. Kraler was not a prisoner, though, and the prisoner obviously was.

Mr. Frank's reassurance that no one heard Anne's nightmare vs. the jews' ignorance towards moche the beadle

In both events, they are denying something that is a real danger. "Do you think anyone outside could have heard?... No. No." "What an imagination he has!" But in Night, they are denying something very real, while nothing happens in The Diary of Anne Frank. "I have terrible news... Deportation."

anne giving out hanukkah presents vs. elie lying about how reizel and her children are

Anne and Elie are both trying to help people through the bad situations they are in. "No it isn't [enough]."But I lied." However, Elie is lying, and Anne is giving out physical objects - presents. "Presents!" "But I lied."