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M. Williams Jr. Blk:7

About Me !

My name is Michael. My favorite color is red.I like to play basketball. I strive to be the best at everythjing i do.


To show our improvement through out the year & reflect on what we did earlier in the year. My best englich work. Help us learn and help organize our stuff.

6 Word Memior

Motivation,Determination, Hardwork
and Dedication

Sun & Shadow Sentence

Dave is like a circle because he is well rounded.

Inwardly, he is like a square because he is one-dimensional.

Reflection of My Persuasive Essay

I really liked my persuasive essay. I think my strengths were being persuasive. My weaknesseses were probably expanding my vocabulary. I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I wouldn't change anything about my essay.

Favorite Quote

Quote #1

''Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.''

- Will Rogers

reason: I agree, if you do something right, you have to keep going.

Antigone Character BioPoem


Daughter od Edipus

Strong, Loyal, Brave

Lover of Haimon

Who Protects Family

Who needs Comfort

Who Fears the Gods

Who Gives Love

Resident of Thebes

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

I think i did a really go job on my persuasive essay. My strength was using diction in my persuasuve essay. My weakness was thinking of reasons in my essay. I also enjoyed this assignment. I would use more viaraty of vocabulary.

About Me Wordle


Funny, Athletic, Enthusiastic

Son of Phyllis

Love Basketball, Hates Brocoli, Loves Family

Fears Failed dreams & Failure