Presidential Pamphlet

Mike Sperrazza and Connor Baines

Constitutional Requirements to Be a President

1. Must be 35 years of age

2. Must be a resident in the US for at least 14 years

3. Must be a natural born citizens.

Salary, Benefits, and Perks of the Job

Salary: $400,000.00

Perks/Benefits: Air force one, travel funds, entertainment funds, protection.

5 Qualities of a Good President

!.) Consensus Building-The president should have multiple different perspectives to see from all angles and please the majority of the people if they can.

2.)Conflict Resolution-Resolutions should be reached to help the nation and protect it.

3.)Vision-The president needs to be professional and be able to collaborate with the ability to share his visions.

4.)Change-There is always change in the economy and the president needs to be able to handle the power and keep the nation stable throughout change.

5.)Motivation-The president has a lot of power and can communicate motivation and drive the nation to continue to to grow with motivation.

Current Issue

The current issue that we are choosing to include is the 8 judges in the supreme court. Obama is supposed to appoint a new justice to the supreme court, but has yet to do so. Justice Scalia passed away and a new justice is supposed to be appointed so cases do not end in a 4 v 4 tie. A new justice will most likely be sworn in after the election.

How would I fix the problem of illegal immigration?

In my opinion the problem of illegal immigration is one of the important problems that needs to be fixed. I don't think that I would go as far as trump and build a wall, but I would definitely make sure that every person living in this country is a valid U.S. citizen. I would issue a consensus every year to two years. If proper citizenship is not present than they are returned to their previous home country.

Presidential Roles, Qualities, and Powers I would Use

Roles: If I was to be president I would demonstrate the role of being just like everyone else, I would want people to think that I am relatable.

Qualities: The main quality I would demonstrate would be caring. Someone who is caring is always loved by the people.

The main power that I would use would be controlling the military. I would use this power the most to ensure the country's safety.