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Eyes On Pike: Watch Us Change the World! NANC Edition

Each spring, Pike High School hosts a District Literacy Fair. This year, the fair is Friday, April 10, 2015 from 5:30-8:30 P.M. The theme is "Eyes On Pike: Watch Us Change the World!".

So how does New Augusta North fit into this theme? Allow me to profile three current initiatives. In 2014-15, our S.T.E.M Club, led by two of our outstanding science teachers, Mr. Ludy and Mrs. Schurtz, has partnered with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Dow Agro to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In addition, Mrs. Schurtz is the sponsor of our new Robotics Club, which partners with the mayor’s office and Pike High School Robotics. We all are looking forward to the exciting inventions, robots, projects, and other surprises these young S.T.E.M. minds will create.

Another exciting initiative is our Young Men of Purpose Club. Partnering with YMP founder Pike Preparatory Academy Principal Roy Dobbs, Phoenix Assistant Principal Tapplar and social studies teacher Mr. Riggs lead YMP at the building level. Currently, YMP is conducting a holiday season food drive for community residents in need of assistance.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Girl Talk Group. Girl Talk is led by Phoenix Assistant Principal Nickleson, social studies teacher Ms. Combs, and art teacher Miss Nicholson. This group meets with Phoenix young ladies to develop strong, confident leaders.

These are but three of countless other amazing things going on at New Augusta North each day. Kudos to all group members and leaders for doing small and large things each day to change the world for the better! Please continue your support of these future leaders, and mark your calendars to join us at the Pike Literacy Fair in April!

Digital Storytelling with Ancient Egypt

Our students are massive consumers of print and web content. We are continually looking for opportunities that allow them to become content creators. Students in Mrs. Rademacher's and Mr. Malloy's 7th grade Social Studies classes started an exciting digital storytelling project right before Thanksgiving break. The goal was to make Common Craft style videos about different Ancient Egyptian topics using tools such as PowToon and WeVideo.

For this type of project, planning is everything. Students must storyboard and write scripts, then collect or create artifacts to create their story. Some groups will incorporate video; others will create props or gather images. We are excited to see the kids work through the storytelling process, as well as how the students use these tools to tell their stories! Kudos to Mrs. Rademacher and Mr. Malloy for trying out new web based tools with their students!

October/November Stats

2731 items circulated in October and November. Fifty-two percent of these were fiction. That number is expected to decrease next month as students move into non fiction units of study.

Sixth graders checked out 749 items, 7th grade checked out 691, and 8th grade checked out 326. Phoenix staff checked out 247 items.

The most popular titles in October and November were Dave Pelzer's memoir of child abuse, A Child Called It, Adam Gidwitz's In a Glass Grimmley (a 2014-15 Young Hoosier Book Award nominee), and the conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay.