WL Weekday Newsletter

Buckhead Church - Twos

Hello Everyone,

We had a blast last week. From dressing up to bug hunting, our class did not stop.

We worked on the "My Big Backyard" theme by exploring the world of bugs. Our kids really enjoyed!

The highlights were play dough and bugs; bug hunt; "spraying bugs", handprint and footprint painting and listening to the "Hungry Caterpillar" story.

We intentionally worked on counting and color recognition this week.

We also danced a lot our new WL song. Waumba this month is working on the Big Idea that "God is my good friend". So we also are reading stories of good friends of God. Noah' story is one of them.

Stanley: The Stinky Bug

Our kids loved the movie "Stanley: The Stinky Bug" by Max Lucado.

It is a story about a stinky bug that didn't have any friends because he stunk. The story develops and he asks God why He made him that way. Finally Hermie, a sweet caterpillar that also had struggled in a previous movie about his appearance, takes initiative to help Stanley. They find out Stanley stinks every time he gets afraid.

Well, i won't finish the story in case you decide to watch it too ;).

Big image

Before you check our pics...

Our theme this week is Construction.

We will explore all senses as our kids paint with trucks and tools, load the trucks with dirt and sand, build houses with construction blocks and expand their vocabulary as we read a bunch of fun new books related to our theme.

We are also very excited to celebrate our wonderful dads on Thursday!


Wrapping up

That's it for now. Y'all have a great week and please let us know if you have any question or comment. We love your feedback!

Ms. Gabby - Ms. Ashley - Ms. Alicia - Ms. Lisa