July Glitteratti News

Let's Celebrate!

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If you are receiving this email for the first time, WELCOME!

I'm so honoured to have you on Team Glitteratti!

I hope you'll use this resource as a way to plug into the training that is just right for you and your business! Please let me know how I can help you soar with success in your business...you are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

Where to begin? Connect with your sponsor and set up a time to discuss your New Stylist Training. Check out Community in the Stylist Lounge for an overview on the Lounge. Find more tips and tools for your business in the Toolbox section of Stella & Dot University. Compile a short list of questions for your sponsor to help keep you on track. Looking for Additional Support? Join our local Facebook page.

If you have sponsored a NEW STYLIST...please forward to them to ensure they are receiving ALL communication. We will get your new stylist added to team communication within a week but if you find that we have accidentally missed someone, please email me and I'll get it corrected asap.

How do you take the pushy out of booking trunk shows?

**Remember Booking is a mindset. Think about what we’re offering each hostess.

When having conversations, following up or calling people, DON’T think about how empty your calendar is, don’t stress about not having anything booked, don’t be anxious because the person on the other end will hear it and get an anxious vibe, which is a turn off and does the opposite of what you want.

Instead focus on the action and don’t worry about the results. Basically, you can’t control what others do. You can’t control who wants to host & you can’t control how much someone will buy.

What you CAN control is what you do. You can control how many people you talk to, how many emails you send. You can control who you follow up with. You can control the action – the day-to-day actions – and the results you want will follow. They may not happen immediately but they will come to fruition at some point. Just remember the seeds you sow now, WILL grow and all your efforts will be worth it.

What do you say if people say “I don’t do parties!”

Say “Oh thank God, I don’t either. I do girls nights or casual get togethers.” Parties are a lot of work. I just want you to get some girlfriends together and some light snacks (box of crackers, brick of cheese and some wine – easy peasy).

Again, REMEMBER what are you giving your hostess? FREE JEWELRY!! “I really don’t want you to spend $250 on this necklace. I really want you to get it for free.” Saying things like that makes it seem like what you want for them is a gift. And it’s true, you don’t want them to spend the money. You want them to get it for free. That way it’s a genuine feeling so what you want to give your potential hostess is what she really wants.

Again, booking is a mindset: Before you move on, you have to think of a trunk show as easy and fun. Program yourself to think of a trunk show as a GIFT for your hostess and a great time for her friends.

**MAKE FRIENDS [with every guest at trunk shows or at your booth or wherever you are, if someone compliments you, go into making friends mode]. People will only book trunk shows with someone they can see themselves being friends with. You’re in the friend business and it’s ALL about relationships. But it has to be genuine or people will see through it.

USE THE RIGHT INFLECTION IN YOUR VOICE: Smile as you talk and end things in an excited upswing! When you talk, sound like you want to do it. Don’t sound like you aren’t sure. Be sure. Be excited. Be enthusiastic as you talk so the person on the other end isn’t confused and takes your lead. ie. “Let’s go get some icecream!!” compared to “Let’s go get some icecream?” Most people wouldn’t know how you want them to answer.

If you ask it wrong, the other person takes your lead and takes your verbal & non verbal cues and answers just as you’ve asked them - hesitantly or negatively.

WHEN WANTING TO BOOK [check out chat, phone call, follow up, in person, wherever]: Ask questions to get YES answers to get them in an agreeable mood.

#1. Did you have fun today? Or did you have fun at so & so’s trunk show?

#2. Do you love the jewelry you ordered? Or Do you love your new jewelry?

If this is you “I can’t book any trunk shows!” Ask yourself “How are you asking people?” If the answer is email, it’s not going to work. It’s a great way to warm people up but it rarely seals the deal so be honest with yourself about this. Booking trunk shows happens in person or on the phone.


SO thrilled for you ladies!! Special CONGRATS are in order for Rochelle Arlitt and Felicia Middleton on their promotions to Senior Stylist!!!
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Nancy Dunsmore (#1 in the company!), Stacy Williams, Scarlett Ballantyne, Alison Montone-Lyon, Jodi Macandrew, Rachelle Eggertson, Felicia Middleton, Jennifer Quick, Brittny Van Schagen, Dianne Kalita, Erin Miller Schumann, Krista Noble, Isabel Galas, Nicole De Santis, Jennifer De Angelis, and Danielle DeLaurentiis.


We want to help you maximize your jump start, and one AMAZING way is to promote to ASSOCIATE stylist during your JS. Let’s make a list of who you know that would love doing this business with you. Invite them to come along and join you in this fun journey, and we’ll co-train you both at the same time.

By doing this, you’ll receive $300 in product credit for EVERY person that jump start qualifies (sells $1000 during THEIR jumpstart). Then, by hitting a couple of other simple qualifications, you’ll promote to AS during your JS, earning you an additional $500 in product credit. This is ON TOP of all the credit you are earning by doing your trunk shows!

For EVERYONE else (you, me, EVERY stylist with S & D)

Every stylist you sponsor who goes on to promote to Associate Stylist within the month their Jumpstart ends, YOU’LL earn $500 in product credit (as will the stylist who is promoting during her JS).

Sponsor 6 a season, 3 of which go on to promote to AS during their JS (with your help!) AND you’ll earn $1500 in product credit a season! Talk about a pay raise….you will no longer be paying for any of your samples and you’ll be sharing your SD Joy….this is HUGE!!!

Plus, you receive 1000 BONUS POINTS for Glam Getaway when your newly sponsored stylist sells $1000 within the selling period.

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We had such a blast at Township 7 Vineyard and Winery! Thank you everyone for coming out. This picture doesn't even have all of us in there!!

I will be sending a survey next week to capture your thoughts and I do hope that you will take the time to provide your valued feedback.

We will be taking a meet up break in August but will resume in September for a home office led Fall Rally.
If you are in the Kelowna area and would like to meet for a glass of wine at Quails Gate, please private message me. :) I will be in West Kelowna August 6-8. Please let me know by August 4th if you are available.

Stacy's Holidays

August 4-10 (Kelowna meet up and will be checking my messages)
August 24-29 (Will not have access to email/phone)

Have a great August!

XO Stacy