Stonybrook Middle School

Knightly News -February 2019

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I LOVE TO READ MONTH STARTS Monday, February 4th

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We have many exciting things planned for our students throughout the month to encourage a love of reading! Some of the activities that have been planned are:

1. 100 Hours of Reading - Each homeroom is being challenged to read for 100 hours this month.

2. Story Quilt - Students will get one square of paper to make a visual representation of their favorite book. All the quilt pieces will be put together to make a paper quilt, with borders and all. We hope to have lots of quilts around the school!

3. Library "Bookmark" - Students will have the opportunity to design a bookmark. Winners will be chosen from all entries received, and those bookmarks will then be used for the remainder of the year as Library due date slips.

4. Book Swap - Students will have the opportunity to bring in gently used books and those students will have the chance to get to choose a "new" gently used book from those brought in by other students.

You can support your child by encouraging daily reading at home.

A Change in the Canteen Menu

Hot Lunch Menu

Tuesday Lunch:

> Chicken Noodle Soup and bun from Main Bread & Butter, $3

> Pasta (Mac n' Cheese) from Main Bread & Butter, $3.50

** Note: Hot Dogs are no longer on the menu

Wednesday Lunch:

> Little Caesar's Pizza, $2/slice

Thursday Lunch:

> DQ Cheeseburger, $3

Other items are available in the canteen, such as frozen dinners, granola bars, chocolate milk, etc. These items range in price from 50 cents to $2. These items do not need to be pre-ordered.

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February I Love to Read Month!

Thursday, February 7th

-Pistons players coming to read to some classes and play a ball hockey game

Wednesday, February 13th

-First Annual Celebration of the Arts SMS! All are invited to join us in the SMS Gym at 7:00 p.m. for a presentation from our Grade 7 and 8 Art students

Thursday, February 14th

-Noon hour "Student Leadership Sockhop"

Friday, February 15th

-Winter Activity Day for everyone!

Monday, February 18th

-Louis Riel Day (No Classes)

Thursday, February 21st and Friday, February 22nd

-HSD Inservice Days (No Classes)

Wednesday, February 27th

-Jazz Band going to Jazz Festival in Winnipeg

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Valentine's Day Sock Hop!

When: Thursday, February 14th

Cost: Pair of new socks

What is available:

* Canteen with drinks and snacks for purchase

* Photo Booth in the foyer - have your picture taken with your friends! (Cost: one picture for $2 or three pictures for $5)

All proceeds will be donated to our Activity Structure fund.

Basketball Is Underway!

Basketball players should have brought home a practice and game schedule. Championship games will be held the week of March 11th. Please contact your child's coach if you have any questions, or Mr. Al Thiessen at Good Luck to all our teams!!

Ball Hockey Tournament

Our school has hosted two Ball Hockey Tournaments this year. Thank you to Mr. Dewey for organizing these tournaments! Here are a couple of pictures from the January tournament...

February Knights of the Month

Congratulations to this month's Knight of the Month award winners! They have been selected by the teachers from their grade and are being recognized for going above and beyond in attitude and behavior.

Grade 8 - Bauer K

Grade 7 - Grace L

Grade 6 - Brennan D

Grade 5 - Liam P

Thank you for your positive contributions to our school.

Grade 8 Camp Cedarwood

It was very unfortunate that the exact days that we had planned to go to Cedarwood, Southeast Manitoba went into a deep freeze, with dangerously high windchills. We were very disappointed to have to cancel Cedarwood, but the decision was made so that both students, staff and volunteers would remain safe (and warm!).

Efforts are underway to re-schedule the Grade 8 Camp experience, and information will be given to the Grade 8 students and parents as soon as details are worked out.

Thank you for your understanding and look for further announcements in the future!

Upcoming Event for Band Students

Band camp forms and deposits are due February 15, 2019.

There will be some fundraising opportunities for our band students to help them offset the cost of this Band Camp. In February there will be a Country Perogy fundraiser. Watch for this opportunity!

A Message from Healthy Schools Initiative

To support school communities after the legalization of cannabis this past fall, The Healthy Schools Initiative, a partnership of Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living and Manitoba Education and Training, is pleased to provide the following informational resources. Recognizing that cannabis use is a sensitive subject for some parents, Healthy School Initiative's aim is to provide current, factual information that will help educators and parents inform youth about the potential risks and legal implications of cannabis use.