The Missing Piece

Adoptee Pin - The Search

> designed by an Adoptee for adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents

  • 1" in diameter
  • custom die-cut puzzle piece shape
  • Military clutch
  • Individually wrapped

You are the Missing Piece...

Originally made available to the Adoptees Internet Mailing List (in 1996), this symbol is meant to represent the personal sides of adoption. The purpose of "The Missing Piece" pin is to start the conversation--sharing your story with others. More exposure and personal storytelling leads everyone forward: starting with yourself.

The Missing Piece reflects my personal feelings at the beginning of my search and find. This symbol is for you---let me know what this symbol means to you!

"It is my hope that this symbol will continue to propel the grassroots campaign happening all over our nation, initiated by a simple conversation which is the most effective way to influence the world, one by one." ~ Jeannie

The Missing Piece*

The puzzle piece itself symbolizes this grandest of mysteries:
- are you my Mother?

The interlocking edges represent two aspects of adoption:
the one inverted
-the void, the missing piece that we each singly experience alone,
and the three outward
- the outreaching nature of our lives through the searching process:
reaching out to others for help and guidance, the yearning and straining for wholeness, and the journey to connect

The color black is for


(we will never know)

while the color white points to the Hope and Inspiration that we
glean along the way

as we find..................................................
the remaining pieces of our own personal puzzle

The inner triangle is the Adoption Triangle:
-birthparents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.

The inner missing piece*** is shaped to represent the missing person:
both the one we are searching for & ourselves whom we find along the way.


*this is my interpretation of this symbol. Please feel free to adopt your own.

by PJIrby, August 1996

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"I wondered for 29 years who she would be... and now I know."

The Birth of a Movement, My Own Personal Search

In 1996, the Internet was young and I began my own search for my birthmother at the age of 27. Local support groups, the A.I.M.L. mailing list and Geocities online were the primary ways to communicate with other adoptees to learn how to find.

Ongoing chat debate and list discussions on what symbol or logo would represent us was a daily chat subject. Trees without roots, folders with locks, babies without faces... they all represented some aspect or specific circumstance of adoption or individual story. I knew the design needed to be scalable, recognizable, and universal.

Once I presented this to the group, overnight positive feedback AND ORDERS!!! started pouring in and I began to send The Missing Piece symbol out around the world.

***I originally drew this upside-down, when I realized the broken inner piece was in the perfect shape of a human silhouette. I accredit this to my Heavenly Father, whose son is Jesus, who gave it to me as an answer to prayer. He has always believed in open records... there is always more to the story >>>

Jeannie Bluemel, Adoptee Advocate

Jeannie Bluemel, born in 1966, knew she was adopted before she could speak; advice the social worker gave her parents. Her favorite childhood book was "Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman, aka Dr. Suess. Identifying with Baby bird, she knew Momma bird was out there somewhere. One day she would look... and hope, too, she would be found.

Jeannie supports Open Records, Adoptee Rights and believes withholding Original Birth Certificates is a violation of human rights and identity. She is available for public speaking engagements regarding adoption, being an Adoptee and how her relationship with God sheds light and love on the whole matter.