Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

By: Ethan Miller


Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was born in Clarksburg, Virginia January 21st 1824. Growing up his education was bad, although his education was bad he worked hard in school. Unfortunately when Jackson was only 2 years old his father and sister died from typhoid fever. After graduating from school Jackson was serving in the Mexican and American war where he was given the nick name "Stonewall". After the Mexican and American war Jackson was a teacher at The Virginia Military Institute and taught artillery tactics and natural philosophy. After his teaching job and retiring from the USA army in 1852 he decided to go back to war and was serving as a military tactician, which he was highly skilled at. He served as a general in the confederate army beside Robert E Lee. On May 10th 1863 in the battle of Chancellorsville his day had not been going well and then Jackson was shot by another confederate troop lost his arm and died.

Key Points

  • Served in 3 battles
  • -- Battle of Chancellorsville
  • -- Mexican and American War
  • -- The Battle of Bull Run
  • Reached the rank of a Major in the army
  • Stationed in New York and Florida


Battle of Chancellorsville

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson served in the Battle of Chancellorsville on the side of the confederates. Stonewall Jackson died in the Battle of Chancellorsville but his side the confederates won the Battle of Chancellorsville. The Battle of Chancellorsville was in 1863 and started in Virginia. Fighting in the battle were the confederates and the union.
Gods and Generals: The Life of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson