All About Me

Rishib Parbhakar

Who Am I?

Hi my name is Rishib. I am a normal fun loving fifteen year old. I have one sister who is 13 years old. Her and I do not fight a lot unlike most siblings. I enjoy doing many fun activities with my friends. I like to play video games and playing outside. I like many first person and third person games. I also like to spend time outside playing sports. Each summer my friends and I decide on one or two sports to play. Most recently we decided to play baseball and basketball. We play these sports all summer and slowly get better. These are the two things that I do the most. Something that I do not like to do is reading. I find it very boring and a waste of time. That is a little summery of who I am and what I like to do.

My Life Line

My Favourite Things

Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious franchise is my favourite movie franchise. The movies bring my family together. My family rarely goes to the theaters to watch movies, but when a new Fast and Furious movie comes out we all make plans and go together. Also it is one of my favourite movie series because it was one of the first movies that I watched. Too Fast Too Furious was the first movie from the franchise that I ever watched. I watched it at a very young age of about five. Once I was old enough to understand what the movies were about my family and I went to the theaters to watch the new installments to the franchise.
Furious 7 - Official Theatrical Trailer (HD)


My phone is one of my most favourite things in the world. Some people say that they would die without their phone, but I am not one of these people. I can survive without my phone. My phone is one of my favourite things because it is like a computer that you can hold in one hand. You can use your phone to play many games anywhere any time. I use my phone to play games and watch YouTube videos. My phone is also good for listening to music especially when you connect it to a speaker with Bluetooth. My phone is my favourite thing because it is an all in one device.


Cricket is one of my favourite things. I like cricket because it brings together my friends and family together. We would all chose a location to go to. Then we would pack up stuff and we would head out together. We all come together and enjoy our day, we would play cricket and have a picnic . When I first played cricket I could barely hold the bat straight and I got out on the first ball. Then my friends and I started to play in our street and we slowly became better. Now we have to go to a school to play because if we don't we will hit someones house or car. Cricket brought my friends and family closer. It also is a very fun game to play and a great way to get physical activity.
Best Last Over Chases in Cricket History - Cricket Highlights 2016


WiFi is another one of my favourite things. WiFi can be good and bad. It is good for when you need to research a project, and it is also a great way of relaxing by playing games. The bad part about WiFi is it is addicting. When you have a project to do, the answer to it is at your finger tips. All you have to do is type a couple words and then you have hundreds of thousands of answers. If you are feeling bored, there are many games that you can play to entertain you. WiFi can also bring you and your family/friends together. If you have a friend that lives far away you can make a Skype accountant and talk to each other through the internet.

WiFi is my favourite thing because all the answers to my questions are at my finger tips. I use WiFi every day in my life. I use WiFi to play games, message my friends, and to do work. I use WiFi to play games in my down time. Whenever I have a question about work and none of my classmates live near me I can message them to find answers. Also WiFi helps me complete my work. I use WiFi to research and find answers. WiFi makes life much easier.

My Leadership Style

Leader As A Joiner

Out of all the leadership styles that we have learned in class I think that I would be a leader as a joiner. I think this because I do not like to be known as the leader. I like to know every bodies ideas so that it does not feel like we are following direct orders. If everyone shows their opinions then we can all vote on the best idea. When the leader of the group is called on I will show up otherwise I like to be a team member not a leader.

An example of when I showed this type of leadership is when I was in grade five. I was chosen to be a leader of a group. We were to research the history of Egyptians and their lifestyle. This was my first time being a leader in a group. I did not want to be the leader so instead I became a regular member of the group and we all shared our thought and ideas. Then we picked the best idea and made that into our project. When teacher called on the leader of the group I stepped forward. My leadership style was effective.

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My Influences

Everyone in your life influences you whether you know it or not. In my life I have many influences. One of my main influences are my friends. I did not realize how big of an influence my friends were until now. If it were not for my friends I would spend my entire day sitting inside doing nothing. My friends influenced me to play outside and not waste my day. My parents are another big influence in my life. Without my parents influence I would not be the man I am today. My parents taught me to finish my work, be organised, and be respectful. My parents have also taught me to not be dependent on someone. My influences made me who I am.
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My Role Model

My Mom

A role model is someone you look up to, someone who has done something positive to make you be inspired. My role model is my mom. She is my role model for many reasons. My mom is my role model because she is a hard worker, she is smart, and she is always there for us. My mom works very hard, she has to take care of the whole family. She wakes up early just to get work done. She wakes up and makes everyone breakfast, and prepares lunch. After everybody is fed she has to do the dishes, as no one is home, then she starts to clean the house. After all this she has a little break. Then she helps my dad with his business. She helps make the checks, puts in the hours, and types up the total sale. She has no down time. My mother is also very smart. Whenever my sister and I have a question about work she can help us. She explains it to us in a way that we will understand. Lastly my mother is always there for us. Whenever we are down or facing a problem my mom will be there to support us. These are some of the many reasons why I look up to my mom. She has all the characteristics of a role model.

My Future

In the future I would like to become either an accountant or a business man. I would like to become an accountant in the future because they make a lot of money. Also you need to be good with math in accounting and I think that I am very good at math. My other option, which I prefer more than accounting, is becoming a business man. My dad is a business man. One reason why I want to become a business man is because I do not want to work for someone, I would like to have people work for me. Also I would like to become a business man because if I do not know how to do something my dad will know because he has experience. To be a business man you also need to be decent at math which I am. Only time will tell what I will become in the future.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles Test

After doing the learning styles quiz I have learned that I am a visual learner. I agree with my results because after reading what a visual learner is, it perfectly describes me. I like to see what I am doing before actually doing it as well as imagining something to help me remember it. Even though I agree with my results I do not agree with what they say a visual learner does. I do not like to make charts and graphs to help me remember something and I also do not like to sit at the very front of the class. Some of the results are not correct and these results do not describe all visual learners.

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Personality Test

After doing the personality test I learned that my personality type is INTP. This means that I am creative, independent, and open minded.After reading the results, I can relate to most of the things that it says about an INTP. I can relate to this when it says that they feel uncomfortable in some social places because they are private and reserved. Also I can relate to the results where it says that INTP's usually have difficulty articulating their thoughts because they are already thinking about something else. This happens to me very often.Overall I think that the results were very accurate for me. After reading the article I knew it described me perfectly.

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Interests Test

After doing the interest type quiz I have learned that my interest type is the engineer.

The traits for the engineer are investigative and realistic. This means that I like to work with logic and research. It also says that I like to think about the everyday uses of items and that I am independent. For the realistic part of the article, it says that I like to work on hands on activities that have to do with the outdoors and plants. I find that the results were somewhat accurate. the first part of the results were very accurate for me, but the second part was not that accurate.

Knowledge Test

After doing the knowledge test I have learned that my top subject area is science. My top three subjects were science (100), math (94) and business(94). I think that this test was very accurate because these three subjects are the subjects that I am most interested in. How ever I think that math should have been my number one subject as that is the subject I like the most and I have my highest mark in math. Then science would come followed by business. Overall the test was accurate.
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Motivations Test

After taking the quiz for motivations I have learned that my motivations are support and recognition.I think that the results were more accurate for support than recognition. This is because I like to have education, tools, and someones support to get a job done. After doing the task I do like some recognition but not as much as the article says I like.I find that the results were somewhat accurate for me. The results somewhat describe me.

Multiple Intelligence Test

After taking the multiple intelligence quiz I have learned more about myself. I learned my strengths and weaknesses. My strongest MI was logical strength which i scored 60 in. The next strongest MI was kinesthetic and Intrapersonal. I scored 50 in both of these sections. I scored 40 points for the next three sections which were naturalistic, musical, and existential strength. I then scored 30 points in the verbal strength and my weakest section was interpersonal which I scored 20 in.

I was not surprised with most of the results of the multiple intelligence quiz. I already knew that logic would be my strongest intelligence because after looking at the other sections I knew that I would struggle in some of them and also I always think logically before jumping to conclusions. I was surprised with how high my score was with the music section because I do not listen to music very often and I do not work along with music. I thought that I would score higher in the naturalist section because I like to spend time outside and I feel like I am more connected with nature than my results say. After taking the rest of the quizzes and looking at the results I was not surprised with the results. You learn something new about yourself everyday.

Now that I have learned that my strongest MI is logic I can use that to help me with my learning in many ways. If I am learning about something about a series of historical events I can use logic to find out the steps of how it occurred. For example if I wanted to know what the oldest mountains in Canada was I would use logic. I would think that the oldest mountains would be exposed to more harsh environments than the others so that would mean that the oldest mountains would not be as sharp and they would be more round. I can use logical techniques like this to help me with learning.

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True Colour Test

After taking the true colours test I have learned that my true colour is responsible gold. This means that I like to help others, I am organized and I like to plan ahead of time, I am loyal and very responsible, and I respect the authorities.

I do think that this represents me the best out of the rest of the colours. I think this because these traits represent me the most out of the rest of the colours. I like to help others, I am organised, and I am a responsible person. I help others when they do not know what to do or when they just need help in general. I am very organised. I come to class prepared with all the correct learning materials. I am also a very responsible person. I usually get my work done on time, and I always show up to class on time. Responsible gold truloy represents me.

I feel that adventerous orange is truly my weakest colour because after reading what it is, it does not represent me. I do not feel that every single moment needs to be exciting. I also do not think I am very competetive because it leads to anger. Lastly I do not like to take risks, I like to be safe. Adventurous orange does not represent me.