John Griffith Chaney

By Abdo, Chris, Dakota, Erik


John Griffith Chaney was born on January 12, 1876 in San Francisco, California. He started writing as a journalist and author under the pen name Jack London. He gained most of his fame from his book "the call of the wild." He then went on to publish over 50 books in the upcoming years. London had died in 1916 as a outspoken Socialist.

Claim To Fame

London became a well known writer with the release of his book "The Call of The Wild," a book that talks about a dog who attempts to survive out of its normal civilized enviorment. The book was popular in its innovative thinking to show the point of view from a different type of character.

Why Was McCandless Interested in London?

Chris was drawn to London because he was against capitalist society, and had a passion for nature. McCandless could relate with London and his ideals because of his free spirit and love for the wild at an early age. Krakauer even states in his book "Into the Wild," that part of the reason Chris might have left was because he was influenced by London's work.

Jack London in "Into The Wild"

  • "McCandless had been infatuated with London since childhood. London's feverent condemnation of capitalist society, his glorification of the primordial world, his championing of the great unwashed - all of it mirrored McCandless's passions.